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SexyWomenPhotography (SWP) is the home for those wanting to evolve their women photography, create great imagery and grow their portfolio and then go professional to turn it into a great hobby or money by making shots of female subjects.

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SWP Founder: Dan Hostettler (Editor in Chief + Creative Strategist)

Dan Hostettler is a mediapreneur, photographer, author of several books and founder of With an extensive educational background as photographer that he has received at the School of Visual Arts & Craft Bern back in Switzerland, Dan now successfully works in the niche of glamNude photography for over 15 years.

SWP is the evolved successor of Dan’s personal BLOG+ where he regularly reported about and gave insights into his work, creations and projects. After recognizing that B+ is outgrown and the photography style approach too one-sided, Dan decided to originate SWP in the beginning of 2016. This new setup offers like-minded photographers access to a collaborative environment that connects learning, relations and presents various knowledge and works from members.

SWP Team: Authors & Contributors

In order to make things comprehensive, opinion-driven and built on most diverse approaches, styles and topics, SWP relies on different authors and contributors from all sort of venues, levels and places around the globe.

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A Word About Nudity: Conflict Between Aestheticism And Morality?
“Moral grounds are always the last refuge for people who have no sense of beauty.” - Oscar Wilde
We are covering a broad style of women photography. Not just the ones that are tolerated on the mainstream platforms and embraced by the advertising industry.
SWP is a place where nudity is involved and depicted in a prominent manner. An atmosphere created by deliberate choice with nothing to be ashamed of.
We take the liberty and fundamentally defend the position that nude photography (whether it be in form of art, commercialization or provocation) belongs to the genre of photography as an accepted and firmly established form in the western world.
We are not pushing boundaries towards explicit and pornographic material. However, we also do not buckle under the ever-present cry for “political correctness” and the anti-nudity hysteria in social media - which actually both pose an arrant limitation of freedom of expression.
Of course we publically and socially share content that’s compliant with the various guidelines out there but here – on SWP – we offer a safe haven for all sorts of beauty in women photography.
Is “Sexy” Just A Cover Up And Disparaging?
In short: Nope. Not at all.
We could start everlasting philosophical, biblical, moralistic and gender-equity related discussions on how nudity is related to female dignity, social value etc.
But SWP is not the place for that. We offer the beauty of (of course also commercial) women photography in an ideology-free environment, nude styles included. Just take a look back in fashion photography history: It always had a commercial aspect, temptation and nudity involved. Or look at ancient sculptors and paintings: Always commercially driven, always nudity involved.
That’s not an excuse, no, it’s the reason why we give leeway to praise the female body, the radiant expressions and the tempting play.
If you feel uncomfortable with exploring nude beauty: Simply leave. Don’t start a discussion here because we certainly will not pick up the thread.
Study. Grow. Share.
Flattering, appealing, tempting, respectfully depicted, sexy to provoking nude imagery is certainly a delight to observe but not that easy to create.
That’s where our educational community is at your service.

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