Evoke Emotions! This shooting is all about setting the scene with 2 beauties at once, creating various artistic, sensual and passionate series, – not the trashy, cheap lesbian look. Featuring Czech sisters Ivana & Suzzi.

Poetic, romantic, sizzling, sensual, dark, mystical, eccentric, strong, deep: Dan will be navigating you through 3 sets – the overall guiding theme is “Evoke Emotions” – 3 sets, 3 looks, 3 completely different results.

Dan adds for this live shoot a new complexion – and makes it even more exciting: Dan has never worked with 2 girls the artistic way. In glamour and beachwear genre, yes; but the poetic, artsy way: no.

What might sound like a no-brainer – 2 girls are 2 girls, right? – is on the contrary actually very depending on the genre we are working in. Shooting teasing glamour with 2 girls allows for more suggestive, sexual aroused poses – after all, this is what glam is all about – even when just shooting a solo girl. But creating classy artistry asks for different posing, compositional elements and lighting.

LIVE 4 - 2 Girls Glory Art Nude - BTS Shots for Sales

You Will Get Essentials, Insights & Dan’s Methods

  • Set 1: “Les Muses: Voyeuristic Portrayal Story”
  • Set 2: “Bodyscapes – Artistic Shapes”
  • Set 3: “Abstract Passion: Experimental Lines”
  • Concepts, Observation, Instructions & Results
  • 1-/2-/ 4-Light Setups (+ Modifiers)
  • Speedlights & LEDs!
  • Shooting in tight spaces
  • Comparison of shooting with a pro camera against a consumer camera
  • About the “Shoot Out Of The Cam” Myth
  • Simple, Effective Posing & Expressions, Easy to Adapt
  • Gear & Settings
  • Q&A Segment with the Crew
  • And more…

LIVE 4 - 2 Girls Glory Art Nude - Results for Sales Page

Poetic, artistic & passionate women photography. Entering the genre of artistry asks for different posing, storytelling and image looks. No cross-border shady sexual flair but obvious visual ambitions within an artistic frame. Join the exploration about the “hows” in this shoot.

  5 Films. 105 Min Runtime. FullHD