Boudoir photography is the art of creating charming, sensual, and attractive images of women. Featuring Czech model Nikola.


Dan will work through variations of Boudoir settings, all shot in a private tight-spaced bedroom, using simple speedlights, the proper light formers and some specific add-ons.

Starting with a Classic Boudoir setting you will follow the flow and explore possibilities as the situation unfolds. It will be all about soft lighting, suitable poses, different narratives, shooting angles, composition, and framing.

The second segment covers Boudoir Portraiture. By simply changing the lighting design and posing approach we will achieve fresh, attractive, energetic portraits, excellently complementing a basic Boudoir shoot.

Last but not least, in a bonus segment Dan will demonstrate what is not to be classified as Boudoir yet provides an exquisite production value. Simply by shooting in the same room for another few minutes and using an utmost simple styling approach with only one light – seductive images are guaranteed!

LIVE 5 - Boudoir Photography - Feat Model Nikolart - Behind The Scenes

You Will Get Essentials, Insights plus Dan’s Methods

  • Set “Classic Boudoir” – Sensual Lingerie Temptation
  • Set “Boudoir Portraiture” – Complementing A Boudoir Shoot
  • Set “Beyond Boudoir” – A Touch Of Fetish
  • Concepts, Observation, Instructions & Results
  • 1-/ 2-Light Setups (+ Modifiers)
  • Speedlights Only!
  • Shooting in a tight space
  • Dan’s Definition of “Correct” Boudoir
  • Mixed Lighting Situations
  • Working with Models/Clients: Building a Rapport, Going With the Flow
  • Implied Nude Shots
  • Q&A Segment with the Crew
  • And more…

LIVE 5 - Boudoir Photography - Feat Model Nikolart - Sexy Boudoir Images

Alluring Boudoir is about beautifying the women and romanticizing the moment.
It is profoundly NOT about objectifying a woman or creating a sexual tense atmosphere! Learn the right approach here.

  5 Films. 120 Min Runtime. FullHD.