Soft, Bright, Dark, Dramatic, Colorful: this can all be done with just ONE light.

This webinar is all about working with just one light. But the shooting concepts and showcases are not only based on using this single light by modifying it in different ways. No. The full potential for getting impactful imagery is when we combine lighting with all the other available aspects that makes for a good story, or let’s say mood. Produced in Brisbane by Dan Hostettler & Art Nude Master Photographer Cam Attree.

In a short starter hands-on segment we will break down the only nuts & bolts of the most important lighting hacks you ever need to know: “Influencing Lighting Quality”, “Creating Stories by Light Direction & Angels”, and “Sculpt an Image and a Scene’s with specific Light Modifiers”. That’s the basic for all of your strobe photography – illustrative, actionable and simple to follow.

In the comprehensive “showcase” part we will work through three dramatically different scenarios, every single created with THE ONE SINGLE LIGHT – and all the tricks we have up the sleeves. The “secret sauce” is not only to know about how you can influence and enhance a single light source but how to combine these settings with all the other ingredients of a concept: composition, framing, styling, posing, and image looks that makes your story pop every single time.

You Will Get Essentials, Insights plus Dan’s & Cam’s Methods

  • Learn to Compose Creative, Impactful Imagery for a Broad Range of Use
  • Nuts & Bolts in form of Actionable Advice
  • Genres of Artistic Nudes & Nude Portraiture
  • Set “Sensual”
  • Set “Dramatic”
  • Set “Passion”
  • Shaping The Human Form & Expressions with Just ONE LIGHT
  • Building the Shoot: Easy to Follow Step-by-Step Guidance
  • Simplified Tech. Impactful Results.
  • Internationally Published Art Nude Model Amy Heather
  • 2 Photographers on Set: Dan Hostettler & Cam Attree
  • Q&A Segment with the Crew
  • And more…

Mastering ONE Light the Simple Way: All boxed-up just for you to SAVE your TIME! It’s Fast-Track Learning & To-The-Point. NOT one of these endless shows, NO wasting of your of time.

  2 Shows, 12 Films. 210 Min Runtime. FullHD.