You, your model, any location and just one strobe – that’s all it takes. Shoot On The Run is a video docutorial, showcasing six real-world outdoor photo shoots created in public spaces while coping with ever-changing weather conditions. Any outdoor location offers many opportunities and even more challenges. When the nudity aspect is thrown in, it makes it even more interesting… – starring Aussi model Taliah Campbell.


Dan has never ever shot a concept like this in such a demanding natural environment before. Stephen Wong, an experienced Australian pro photographer has been Dan’s mentor along the ride.

It was Stephen who introduced Dan to his principles, tactics, and secrets of how to successfully shoot outdoor nudes and already create stunning results right at the first attempt.

It doesn’t matter what location you choose – anything goes. The Shoot On The Run principle will challenge you creatively and push you outside your comfort zone. That’s a wonderful thing because you will reach unknown creative heights!

Shoot On The Run - Outdoor Nudes - BTS Shots for Sales

You Will Get Essentials, Insights & Dan’s Methods

  • Outdoor Nudes In Public Spaces
  • Artistic Nudes With A Twist Of Glam
  • Shooting lean, mean, quickly, with limited equipment in place, operating “on budget”, having fun, and achieving superb results all at the same time
  • Suitable For Glamour-, Artistic-, Landscape-, & Portrait Nudes
  • Coping With All Sorts Of Weather Conditions
  • Production Planning
  • You & The (Right) Model: Building A Trustful Rapport
  • Model Directions On Spot
  • Natural Lighting: Natural Light Only, Mixed Lighting
  • 1 Strobe: Strobe As Key Light, Strobe As Fill-In Light
  • Poses: Artistic, Glamour, Dance, Jumps
  • 6 All-Inclusive Creative Showcases
  • Observation & Education
  • And more…

Shoot On The Run - Outdoor Nudes - Results Composition Sales

Apply this unique shooting approach and start outlining your very own next adventure immediately!

  6 Films. 113 Min Runtime. FullHD.