Evolve your photography. Explore new styles. Enhance your portfolio. This extensive tutorial takes you by the hand and guides you all the way from starting out in Sexy Women Photography to finished compelling and thoroughly diverse alluring images for both your first and enhanced portfolio. Featuring Melisa Mendini.


For the first time ever, Dan presents a completely revealing overview of 7 characterized looks. Each of these looks gets meticulously stripped down inside of the following three main categories: “Classic”, “Soft” and “Bold”. Based on a variation of setups, this tutorial series helps you to find the best strategy to purposefully build your imagery.

Every model (amateur to pro), the girl next door, or any lady on your journey is looking for this one specific thing when you approach them with your shoot request: Your versatility that’s reflected by your portfolio.

Whether you are an aspiring or intermediate model photographer: The all-embracing step-by-step instruction lets you create unique series for your remarkable, useful and intensified showcase.

SMOOTH - Sexy Women Photography - Portfolio Building - BTS Shots for Sales

You Will Get Essentials, Insights & Dan’s Methods

  • 7 Practical Case Studies – Classic, Soft, Bold
  • Basics: Little Kit of Light – Putting Together an Inexpensive Most Versatile Gear Set
  • Basics: Creating with Shadows – Shadow Quality, Moods & Sculpting with Modifiers
  • Basic Look: Your First Nude Shoot: Simple 1-Light (!) Setting – Stress Relief and Elbow Room
  • Look: “Classic Nudes – Figurative Representation”
  • Look: “Bodyscapes – Classic Nude Style. Drama Lighting.”
  • Look: “Sensual Nudes – Boudoir Style Involved”
  • Look: “GlamNudes – Teasing the Viewer”
  • Look: “Fashion Nudes – Set Up Aspiration”
  • Look: “Drama Noir Nudes – Taking Light Away”
  • Starter? Learn How to Create a Variety of Styles for Your Top-Notch Awesome Portfolio from Scratch in No Time!
  • Intermediate? Explore New Looks, Tricks and Dan’s Approach on Implementation.
  • Comprehensive Step-by-Step Guided Tour from Start to Finish
  • All Looks Completely Revealed in Terms of Beautifying & Styling, Lighting, Posing/Acting, Composition & Post
  • 1-/ 2-Light Setups (+ Modifiers)
  • Light Setting: Tests, Pitfalls, Dan’s Mistakes, Progress, Results
  • (Simple!) Lighting Gear Kit, Modifiers & Accessories
  • Lighting Designs
  • Camera Gear & Specs
  • And more…

SMOOTH - Sexy Women Photography - Portfolio Building - BTS Shots for Sales

Follow Dan’s tips, replicate his concepts and exercise, enhance and evolve the ideas on your own!

  9 Films. 138 Min Runtime. HD.