Allen Moore

Allen owns and operates The Institute for Fashion Media, an educational resource serving individuals and companies involved in the fashion industry.

Allen has always had a deep appreciation for the beauty of the female form, so it is a natural thing for him to blend this into the specialized genre of fashion nude illustration. Working with a highly skilled team, Allen crafts evocative fashion nude images that clients find highly desirable in today’s fashion editorial market.

Allen will showcase his cross-genre shoots of fashion nudes, explain latest seasonal fashion lifestyle trends, will give insights on styling, advanced makeup techniques and the importance of narrative story telling.

Fashion Nude Photography & Styling: An Introduction (Part 2)

In this edition, we break free from any “fashion nude styling trend” constraints. In fact, our focus is on “if there is a rule, it’s meant to be broken.” Composition, lighting and posing “rules” are all out the window. By linking emotion to fashion, we strive to push the idea that fashion merchandising can successfully include a certain measure of nudity. Explore 3 sexy, complete scenarios conceptualized and shot by our American fellow Allen

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Fashion Nude Photography & Styling: An Introduction (Part 1)

There are an infinite number of fashion nude styling techniques, and they are constantly evolving as does the fashion industry itself. In this introduction we purposefully kept the styling concepts simple in order to demonstrate that very often creating a powerful fashion nude image can be rendered as simply as strategically rearranging the garments.

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