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Author: Dan Hostettler

Asked: Simon Bolz, Commercial Nude Photographer

Today, I am excited to present the work of Simon Bolz, a German commercial nude photographer, who runs an extremely successful business. I like his clearly recognizable style very much and with it he also has lots of commercial success.
Simon’s work was published in Playboy, Penthouse, GQ Men’s Health and other huge European publications.

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“Creative fashionNUDES & Glamour Poses” – VOL.1

Fashion-like Model Poses Will Boost Your Creative Concepts!
This guide will show you in depth what fashion posing has to offer to glamour modeling! Exciting lines, forms, expressions… All play together to create either a mood or simply a pleasant image to look at. You will intuitively learn how to start your model’s posing correctly, how to position her arms and legs right and how to create moods and emotions you desire to achieve better model photos overall.

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Asked: Dana Manner, Miami Heat – Glamour & Nudes

Dana, in real life an attorney based in Miami, captures “ordinary” women in stunning looks and achieves pro-like results with his efforts. He also attends a lot of inexpensive photo workshops to further develop his craft and photographic style.

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Learn How You Can Plan Model Poses

Nude posing is all about the outer and inner beauty of your model. When she is posing, she is helping you to capture visible beauty and hidden seduction. You have to work together with your model here.

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Asked: JimmyD, Glam & Nude Shooter

James DiGiorgio aka JimmyD is a long-serving adult industry veteran with an extensive knowledge of shooting, the industry itself and life. JimmyD is shooting, producing and editing glamour and nude photos and videos since decades. He is simply THE Pretty Girl Shooter and the editor of his personal blog with the same title.

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“Dramatic. Simple. Light.”

Photo Lighting Guide “DRAMA”. The first comprehensive, intuitive visual photo light guide with 3D setups, gear description, lighting diagrams. 5 different, tasteful sexy scenarios with nude model & Playmate Coxy Dominika.

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  • Lighting Week with @jenni_czech - Set 4: 2-light setup. 2 shoot-through umbrellas + fill-in reflector. #studiolighting #studiophotography  #behindthescenes #sexymodel #shootbold @iso1200magazine #iso1200magazine
  • Lighting Week with @jenni_czech - Set 3: 1-light setup "Split Lighting". 90 degrees angle shoot-through umbrella + fill-in reflector
#studiolighting #studiophotography #behindthescenes #sexymodel #shootbold #iso1200magazine @iso1200magazine
  • Lighting Week with @jenni_czech - Set 2: 1-light setup. Only Shoot-through umbrella. #studiolighting #behindthescenes #sexymodel #studiophotography #iso1200magazine @iso1200magazine
  • Lighting Week with @jenni_czech - Set 1: 1-light setup with shoot-through umbrella +fill-in reflector. #studiolighting #behindthescenes #shootbold #sexymodel #studiophotography #iso1200magazine @iso1200magazine
  • Marketa &The Shelf. 3-light beauty setup. #glamourphotography #behindthescenes #onlocationphotography #photographylighting #sexymodel #shootbold #iso1200magazine @iso1200magazine

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