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Author: Dan Hostettler

Asked: Olga Zavershinskaya, Fine Art Nude Photographer

Olga Zavershinskaya is an award winning, worldwide published fine art nude photographer and Photoshop artist. I am absolutely honored that Olga found some time to disclose more of her work’s backgrounds to our readers and myself in answering my questions and explaining her point of views.

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The Benefits of Implied Nude Photography

Frequently the sexiest image is the one that leaves the viewer wanting more. Implied nude photographs do just that and can be an interesting and creative way to flex your artistic muscles in professional nude photography.

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“Facial Expressions & Gestures for (Nude) Modeling”

“Facial Expressions for Nude Modeling” is a fully comprehensive guide on how to direct your model to create the desired moods and emotions by means of the model’s expressions and gestures. Dan Hostettler, a professional nude photographer and StudioPrague workshop mentor for many years, released this new visual guide for photo enthusiasts and pros with the well-known sexy nude model Jenni Czech.

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  • Lighting Week with @jenni_czech - Set 4: 2-light setup. 2 shoot-through umbrellas + fill-in reflector. #studiolighting #studiophotography  #behindthescenes #sexymodel #shootbold @iso1200magazine #iso1200magazine
  • Lighting Week with @jenni_czech - Set 3: 1-light setup "Split Lighting". 90 degrees angle shoot-through umbrella + fill-in reflector
 #studiolighting #studiophotography #behindthescenes #sexymodel #shootbold #iso1200magazine @iso1200magazine
  • Lighting Week with @jenni_czech - Set 2: 1-light setup. Only Shoot-through umbrella. #studiolighting #behindthescenes #sexymodel #studiophotography #iso1200magazine @iso1200magazine
  • Lighting Week with @jenni_czech - Set 1: 1-light setup with shoot-through umbrella +fill-in reflector. #studiolighting #behindthescenes #shootbold #sexymodel #studiophotography #iso1200magazine @iso1200magazine
  • Marketa &The Shelf. 3-light beauty setup. #glamourphotography #behindthescenes #onlocationphotography #photographylighting #sexymodel #shootbold #iso1200magazine @iso1200magazine

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