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Gary Chambers

Gary is a professional photographer from Melbourne, Australia.

With a lifetime interest in photography, he has been in business for 6 years full time, and 4 years part time before that. He loves capturing people’s character, with his work in portraits, glamour/boudoir. His studio also specializes in weddings, corporate, and people photography in all its shapes and sizes.

Gary will talk about setting up a studio and the trials of running a photography business.

How To Add Glamour & Boudoir Photography To Your Service Portfolio

Where do I find clients? Before starting your expansion into the field of glamour and boudoir photography (or starting up an entirely new photography business), you need to ask yourself a few fundamental questions. Simply put, draw an outline of “My Ideal Client” in relation to “What Do I Need/Want To Earn”.
It’s about having the right clients; clients that understand our value and will pay our prices… Get tips, tricks, insights and a complete “Marketing Strategy Checklist” from our Australian fellow Gary.

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