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JimmyD is a long-time adult industry veteran with extensive knowledge of shooting within the industry itself as well as life in general.

As a professional glamour photographer living in the warm, sunny, latitudes of Southern California, Jimmy has photographed thousands of beautiful, sexy, models, as well as actors and other performers - he simply is THE Pretty Girl Shooter.

Jimmy’s insights are terrific reads for enthusiasts (and pros) searching for comprehensive, easy-to-understand advice with a healthy dose of opinionated 'edutainment'. We love his dry wit, sense of humor, and lateral thinking.

There's Value in Your Dung Heaps

Some people look at dung heaps and all they see are piles of shit. Some dung heaps, for instance are photo dung heaps. All the images you and I snapped but, when we were later editing them, we realized some of them, possibly many, looked like shit. Bummer, right?
Yes and no.

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Do You Really Need That New Camera?

There’s one type of gear I haven’t added to my bag too often, and that’s new camera bodies. Now don’t get me wrong. I love gear. But I was just happy and content with the camera I owned. Well, until… my camera took a dump…

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Fantasy and Hyper-Reality Via Lighting

I’ve learned a few things about using lighting and more to capture the most important elements of glamour photography. Those elements all revolve around “selling” a model’s personal allure – her sensuality, beauty, and more.
One of the best and most effective visual components for creating fantasy and transcending reality is your lighting.

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Three-Point Lighting

Three Point or Triangular Lighting is exactly as it sounds: The lights are placed at three different points relative to the subject. Those three points usually consist of two lights in front of the subject (to the left and right of the camera) with the third point of light behind the subject, often used as a hair light.

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Model Lines

I’m often asked what sorts of things I say to models when they’re in front of my camera. I confess to having some standard dialogue I often mouth. Most of the models I shoot don’t end up being in front of my camera more than once or twice. So, I’m in little danger of being perceived as a photographer who spouts the same old garbage…

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