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Joe Rooney

Joe Rooney is a semi-professional photographer living in the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area in the United States.

He specializes in art nude, glamour and boudoir photography, which he has been shooting for the past ten years. When not in the studio, he can often be found walking the streets of Washington, D.C. or nearby Baltimore, Md., shooting street photography and urban landscapes.

Joe will be writing about approaches to art nude and glamour photography generally, but often with an eye for creative ways to accomplish things on a budget.

Spice Up Your Studio Shoot: Alternatives to Shooting on Seamless

Joe Rooney, a semi-pro who has been shooting art nudes for years now, does not always have the opportunity or the budget to shoot on location. But based on his experience in spicing up his studio shoots, he came up with a list of ideas for you – ideas that he actually put into practice! Get inspiration and actionable advice with tons of good ideas right here.

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On “Uncle Terry” and the “Importance of Not Being an Asshole”

With the #MeToo movement gathering steam, we all have to be cognizant that models could interpret any questionable behavior in the worst possible light. So, it is more important than ever before to “Not be an Asshole.” Keep in mind that, to some extent, “perception is reality”! I wrote down my reflection, insights and recommendations for you. Please read and share your own experiences or thoughts about this hot topic with our community.

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The Power of the Triangle in Photo Composition

When we think about rules of composition in Sexy Women Photography, there are a few things that are always talked about like the “Rule of Thirds” for composition or “C/S/I” Curves in model posing. But almost nobody talks about the power of the triangle in photo composition. My purpose here is to call your attention to a powerful visual concept that is known to artistic composition generally, but which doesn’t seem to get talked about nearly as much as it merits in sexy women photography.

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It Don’t Mean A Thing, If You Don’t Have That Styling

Meaningful styling in your glamour photography requires more effort on the part of the photographer. You have to develop your own sense of style. Joe Rooney reveals his secrets, thoughts and concepts, suggestions in storytelling without having big costs and provides you with an uber-great deal of guidance and inspiration.

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“Clothed With Darkness”: Lighting to Achieve Your Vision (Photo-Project)

My project “Clothed With Darkness” refers to a particular lighting approach that I am using across several shoots in order to tie a body of work together. I discuss how the images are going to be lit, explain my post processing approach that goes hand in hand with the lighting and in conclusion, I will provide you with crucial takeaways.

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Latex Photography - How To Light & Shoot

Latex outfits are compelling for a couple of reasons: The skin tight nature of latex shows off a woman’s curves quite nicely and alluringly. These outfits are often designed to expose a woman’s breasts or buttocks while otherwise fully clothed. But there are also quite a few challenges involved when shooting this highly reflective material…

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The “Snapshot Aesthetic” in Glamour Photography

I try to keep my photography fresh by exploring new lighting techniques. A while ago, I’ve come across a style of shooting known as the “Snapshot Aesthetic” style which is more than just a lighting technique in glamour photography. I started using this technique on my own. Here are my insights.

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Get Your Idea On: The Importance of Conceptual Work in Art Nude Photography

When Joe first started to shoot artistic style nudes, every shoot was a self-contained one. It could hardly be suggested that he had a plan or theme running through his body of work, coherence was missing…
Joe leveled-up, kept evolving and today he reveals his practical wisdom about inspiration seeking, importance of concept coherence and using props the meaningful way.

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