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Richard Perry

Richard, based in Abu Dhabi, juggles a hectic work schedule with a young family and his passion for photography.

An amateur photographer with several decades of experience, Richard enjoys beauty portraiture, although he is most at ease with his first passion of fine art landscape.

Richard brings Quick Easy Wins in the form of Photoshop tutorials for photo retouching.

Stray Hair - Retouching Quick Wins

Stray hair protruding out against a plain background are a relatively easy fix. In terms of quick wins, a simple tidy up of these stray hairs works wonders.
Get an overview and quick step-by-step guide here.

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Being Prepared - Retouching Quick Wins

This series of Mini Quick-Win Tutorials tackles individual issues that arise during a re-touch. It might appear to be long and involved but remember, we are also trying to demonstrate a range of techniques. You do not need to use all of them, but some may well save you a great deal of time and raise your images to the next level.

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