Wouldn’t it be nice if we lived in a world where passion and creativity paid the bills instead of money? Sadly, this is not the case. As a glamour and nude photographer working for private clients there are obvious opportunities to make money. The burning question is how to monetize your photography beyond what you are already doing?

Aside from providing glamour, nude, and boudoir photos for your clients there are a variety of products you can offer every woman that they will love.

Monetize your glamour photography: Listen carefully, don’t be creepy, develop the products she desires.

Trust Sells

Monetize your photographs further without coming off as pushy and breaking the bond between model and photographer is tricky. Your client came to you for a photo shoot in mind and if you try and pile a bunch of extras on top, you appear insincere. There is a fine line between thoughtful and overly assertive in cross selling.

Your private female clients have glamour photographs taken because they want to feel sexy and confident. She isn’t just there for the photographs; she is there for the experience. Make it clear to her that is your job to help her feel beautiful and reassure her in moments of vulnerability.

Gaining trust and developing a secure relationship with your “model” will in the long run assist you immensely when trying to sell new products.

Here are six photo product ideas you can offer:

  • 1. The Calendar – An Ego Boost

    The calendar is an essential classic when it comes to shooting nudes, boudoir or glamour photos. This product presents the most benefits for your profit. If your client is interested in doing the classic 12-month calendar, this requires differently themed photographs, so be sure you set up an independent shoot specifically for the calendar.

    Another calendar product you can offer is the calendar poster. This is a single poster, around 16×20 that has a one photograph in the center with the 12 months surrounding. Create a selection of calendar templates from which she can choose. She then selects which photograph she likes and you drop it into the template. This is an easy to make product, and generally a big seller. Another benefit to this product is the referral and adverting value it brings to you.

  • 2. The Centerfold – What He Wants

    The name of this product says so much. Boudoir and glamour photography is about fantasy and this is a great way of bringing the dream of being a cover girl for a day to life.

    A real attention getter, there is no wonder that this product is a number one seller for Valentine’s Day. Normally printed at 10×20, this is a relatively inexpensive gift that many husbands and boyfriends would be more than excited to receive.

  • 3. The Session Book – For Her Friends

    The experience of having a photo-shoot is a memory many women want to be able to look back on.

    The session book is a small bound book showing all the unique shots taken during the session. Present this idea by having a “screening” where you project the photos from the day in a slide show. Upload the photos in the required software as your client changes, making minor color and cropping corrections to then immediately present.

    Session books make for the perfect keepsake for her to take home and show off to girlfriends.

  • 4. The Designer Album – Her Favorite

    This premier photo product is a classy presentation that any client would be excited in owning. It is often a leather bound book featuring flush mounted photographs. This is your chance to pull out all the stops, showing off your Photoshop, Painter and other graphic design skills. You and your client will select the desired photos together and then, once laid out, you can offer a proof on CD.

    Slick and professional, the designer album is a book to be cherished for years.

  • 5. The Cover Shot – The Fun Fantasy

    Selling a fantasy is a marketing technique as old as time. Select popular glamour or men’s magazines and analyze each one’s specific cover design. Mimic these covers, replicating typeface and layout. Once your template is created, all you need to do is digitally drop in her image. These photos can be from a prior shoot, or taken specifically for her cover.

    This is a fun and inexpensive way to let your “rising star” live out their dreams of being a cover girl.

  • 6. Comp Cards – The Business Need

    Comp cards are an essential requirement for most models, and letting your model clients know that you can provide them with fresh shots is a simple way to further your income.

To be successful listen to models and clients and learn, what they want. Your revenue will benefit tremendously.

Remaining current within your field is important, but more important is developing a trusting relationship with your clients. The photo products suggested here are only a sliver of what you can offer.

Stay creative and the possibilities are endless!