How (and why) I Shot Sexy Koreans in the Philippines

Early in 2012, Philippine located Bigfoot Studios assigned me to produce some sexy imagery…

Bigfoot produces FashionOne TV (a global fashion channel), Bigfoot act as a tech-base for feature films and facility for other special projects in the advertising and entertainment industry.

Sexy Asia Model Photography by Dan HostettlerSexy Asia Model Photography by Dan Hostettler

Escaping the Wintertime in order to Create Sexy Material in Asia

During 2011 I planned to escape the cold and grey winter months here in Central Europe by working abroad. I used to travel to Asia a lot during our wintertime here. But those were vacations and at that time of my life I actually had quite sufficient funds to do so.

However, with my decision to return to my initial profession as photographer, those days of earning extremely good figures in exchange for my time and efforts were gone.
So my strategy was to find an assignment in the warmer parts of this globe from December through February. It is hard though to find anything at all, let alone a job that provides a fairly reasonable salary.

Well, somehow I got lucky, made a deal and ended up with a contract with Bigfoot Entertainment in the Philippines, working on location in Cebu and Hong Kong as well. Things sounded exciting and after all I really had a great time.

Working in Asia: A Competitive, Friendly Environment with Potential

I don’t want to ramble on about my awesome time back in Asia but rather mention a few things (I noticed ever since): The Asian region and market is really on hyper-speed, still growing tremendously fast, annoyingly competitive and basically a place with HUGE potential for everybody. However, it is probably not necessarily a great market for nude photography itself, but definitely for (private) glamour and sexy female stuff.

So, it did not come by surprise that I was partially assigned for a project called “Sexy Mandarin”, some evolving e-learning platform that teaches Chinese…

Behind The Scenes: Studio Work

Girls are Girls are Girls

This gig as well as the others I got booked for during that time granted me my first working experiences with Asian models ever.
So, I had the chance to explore and produce Korean and Chinese models.

I was quite wondering in how the collaboration on photo-sets would work out and if there were any differences in the workflow and behavior to be expected in comparison to Europe/USA. And guess what: nope. Girls are girls are girls.

Now don’t get me wrong! I don’t mean that in a disrespectful way at all. No, they all just behave the same way all over the world when it comes to makeup-sessions, chatting, posing and schmoozing…and delivering great work!

Behind The Scenes: On Location

Western Models in Asia: The Money Shots

A second project there was to shoot western girls for some different money shots for products (jewelry) and other goods. These girls are normally based in Hong Kong or Singapore (or Shanghai) for a few months (sent by western agencies) and wait for some paid jobs there while having a good time in the sunny region.

Production Base: The Low-Cost Territories

The production place is located in the Philippines because of the lower incidental costs, but the models were flown in there just for a few days.

Flying around in Asia is quite cheap. Therefore, it definitely makes sense to produce in a local inexpensive place and ship crew and stuff around.

What’s In It for You?

For me it felt like being in heaven. Now, I did not write this little story here to reveal a lot of tech specs, concepts or giving any kind of tips. It’s all just about sharing some impressions and “behind the scenes”-material with you.

Photos and videos presented here are meant to give another insight and hopefully different perspective about the work I do: sexy female photography forever!!!