I have been shooting glam & allure nudes for over a decade now. During this period, abstract and artsy styles were just not my cup of tea. However, lately I started to strongly feel the urge to shoot something complementary to the colorful, superficial glam-play.

I sought to explore “Classic Nudes” first and made some attempts in this area. After an initial experimental phase I got serious and produced “Mastering B&W Nudes Today” with Canadian Art Nude Model Hanna in Berlin.

I am telling you all this because the process of rediscovering the more artistic aspect in my nude photography triggered my overall desire to envision and follow these different styles of imagery. I embarked upon the exploration of “Creative Nudes”.

ABSTRACTISM: A Never Ending Flow Of Creative Sparks

ABSTRACTISM - Abstract Nude Photography - Results- Creative Nudes by Dan Hostettler

ABSTRACTISM - Abstract Nude Photography - Behind The Scenes- Creative Nudes by Dan Hostettler

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Comprehensive details about “ABSTRACTISM” regarding idea, concept, implementation, modeling tips, specialties and the simple post-production process can be found there. “ABSTRACTISM” is one out of 12 concepts:

Creative Nude Photography On A Budget by Dan Hostettler

Creative Nude Photography On A Budget

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Explorations Created by Reader Mischa Koorneef

Explorations by Mischa Koorneef - Pro Photographer - Experimental Nudes Showcase