Sensual Nudes: 1-Light Shooting Step by Step

> Download this tutorial (HD. 720p. 1280x720. 189MB)
Featuring Melisa Mendini

Watch 16 minutes of pure information that helps you to replicate and evolve your very own interpretation of a sensual, sexy look.

Soft series are more sensitive and elegant than bold glamour portraiture and nudity is more often implied than explicit. Creating sensual series means taking variations of candid and posed photographs of the subject partly dressed or in lingerie.

Because sensuality is a subjective term, the way you approach the creation of your sensual photography will depend on your own artistic aesthetic feeling and how you want to market your work. In my opinion, “sensual” also stands as a synonym for an aspect of “boudoir photography”. Vice versa boudoir photography naturally contains the sensual/soft element.

In conclusion: soft, seductive, and elegant with a touch of class.

Tutorial “Women Photography: Style & Genre Blueprint”

Tutorial: ‘Women Photography – Create, Enhance & Improve Your Images The Easy Way’

9 Films. 138 Min Runtime. HD
Photographing Women: Your Comprehensive Portfolio-Building Blueprint. Starring Melisa Mendini.
Evolve your photography. Explore new styles. Enhance your portfolio. For the first time ever, Dan presents a completely revealing overview of 7 characterized looks. Each of these looks gets meticulously stripped down inside of the following three main categories: “Classic”, “Soft” and “Bold”. Based on a variation of setups, this tutorial series helps you to find the best strategy to purposefully build your imagery.


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A traveler at heart, inspired by women, working along Swiss precision. Dan is a mediapreneur, photographer, author of several books and founder + Editor in Chief of a successful photographer for more than 15 years Dan got internationally published and featured on/in GQ Online, The India Times, FashionONE TV, FotoTV, GoodLight Mag, amongst many others. Dan is currently residing and working in Prague, CZ.Dan will talk about his projects, provide insights in shootings & concepts, produce webinars, create Academy content, explain styles, emphasize the importance of working with models and any other exciting topic he discovers along the way.

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  1. One of the most complete discussions of factors to create softness I have seen. Thank you! Good to see you using Vimeo – higher quality video and no need to censor artistic nudes. The final portraits are really lovely. Kudos to model, MUA and, of course, the photographer.

    • Hi Dave, thank you! Vimeo: yes I’ve finally decided to go there. Fantastic settings, lots of possibilities and – as it seem to me – much more folks really interested in our kind of work there 🙂

  2. Dan, that was an outstanding tutorial. Love the softness of the images. Thanks for sharing your techniques with us. The original images were great and the post editing created a very nice look. Best to you, Mike
    p.s. Melisa was great with her posing. true beauty.

    • Hi Mike, Thank you very much!
      Post is always an important part. It’s not about retouching and stuff but polishing and giving the look the final style is post. Like we did earlier with the selection of a specific film (Agfa vs Kodak vs Fuji; and then styles Porta, Optima, Velvia, Gold etc.) – today it’s in digital post. Images have just no life out of the camera.
      I use Alien Skin Exposure to get the good old days back…

      🙂 Dan

  3. Thank you Dan for this video tutorial. I follow your step by step tutorials to try to reproduce the shoots 🙂
    Thanks a lot!

    P.S. Melisa….oh!!! Melisa!!! 🙂

    • Hello Gaetano, you are very welcome!
      Please post a pic or 2 here when you’ve shot something similar. Please!

      Best 🙂

      • Sure!!!! 🙂
        Thank you Dan

  4. Bravo Dan! Great video on creating a soft look. Love Melisa’s look here. One day when I finally get CZ, she is on my list of models to shoot.

    • Thank you, Dana! Great you like it 🙂

      Prague + Melisa: Melisa will just come a bit closer to you! BLOG+ will bring Melisa Mendini live to your screen.
      Educational live sexy nude shoot. The first of it’s kind. This is a pre-pre-pre announcement but we are very excited to go public with an event teaser soon.

      You will not be able to shoot yourself but already much closer (with chat function for asking tech questions).
      Stay tuned. Melisa & BLOG+ are going globally live 🙂



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