In this segment I am featuring models I am working with. I am thrilled about the opportunity at hand that allows me to share those views with you!

Far apart from self-presentation, industry glam and glitzy facades, she will reveal how she ticks, her tips, insights, personal stories and what she expects from us photographers in order to develop good collaborations.

This time: Ivana Cermakova, an internationally working, dedicated Glamour & Art Nude Model.

Career experience, real world talk and an authentic Ivana: Pep talk for aspiring and emerging sexy women photographers.

A few selected questions we will talk about amongst many others:
  • What drove you to get started in modeling? Money? Prestige? Travel? Pure adrenaline kicks?
  • Were you nervous before your first shoot and if yes, how did you overcome it?
  • What piece of advice would you give aspiring photographers on how to work with models?
  • Let’s assume a newcomer photographer wants to shoot with you in order to build his portfolio: What qualification does he or she need to persuade you to accept the job?
  • On a pro level: What do you look for in a photographer before shooting with him/her?
  • If a photographer is not communicating at all during the shoot: How do you keep yourself motivated? What are you thinking?
  • What should a photographer do to be prepared in the right way for a smooth shooting with you? In other words: What organizational info do you need to feel that the shoot will go fine?
  • Addendum: If you get directions form the photographer to improve poses…What terms do you prefer for your bits? What is perfectly acceptable, what is vulgar?
    Ivana: I prefer “Butt, Breasts/Boobs and Lady parts”. I mean “tits” and “pussy” is not literally vulgar but I prefer when photographers call it more gentle way:-)

Ivana Cermakova’s Portfolio – Selected Images

The photos were provided by the model. The copyright remains with the respective photographer.

Ivana Cermakova - Model Talk - Dan Hostettler & Ivana - FUN Teaser

My Collaboration with Ivana Cermakova

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