Jenni Czech never had aspirations to be a model. No, her true goal was to become a princess in the first place – of course as effortless as possible.

Yet growing older she finished college (Master Degree in Business & Economics) and – surprise – she started out part time modeling (thank god!).

That’s when she got seduced by ambition: Suddenly the world’s doors were open and Jenni could start traveling around the globe. And she felt love… – the love that flattered her princess-ego.

The step into nude modeling happened quickly and easily (remember: open minded society here in the Czech Republic); travels, shoots and good times have been accompanying her life ever since that point.

I’m lucky enough to have worked with Jenni for a few times here in Prague. It’s real darn hard to catch her – she never stays in Czech for a longer period of time. So in one of these rare cases, we produced the following pep talk.

Experience a wonderful hilarious yet thoughtful interview. But don’t be fooled by what seems to be an easy going, happy life and simply flawless. Things are not always what they seem to be. Jenni is going to share some quite unpleasant situations that she found herself in while walking the path of her modeling career.

Today, there’s not much a Jenni Czech has to be worried about anymore – Jenni Czech truly became the synonym for being “energetic” :).

Jenni Czech’s Portfolio – Selected Images

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Jenni Czech, Penthouse Pet & Nude Model - Portfolio

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Jenni Czech Glamour Poses, Implied Nude Posing - Photo Modeling

Just A Bit Of Fun…:)

 Jenni Czech Hilarious BTS (Dan Productions)

Jenni Czech - Model Talk - Penthouse Pet, Internet Celeb, Nude & Glamour Model - BTS - Model Pep Talk

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