Prague is special, especially in the fall. There is a magically, fairy-tale quality to the city and walking the cobblestone streets in the misty rain, hiding underneath my umbrella, the buildings seemed to sparkle.

Normally people find the rainy fall weather depressing and gloomy but I really felt as I walked to meet Dan that in that moment there couldn’t be a more beautiful place in the world.

Perhaps I was feeling a little extra romantic and whimsical that afternoon because all the traveling and spontaneity that had been popping up in my life. It had been less than 24 hours prior that I was in Malaga, Spain where I had spent three days shooting on the beautiful coast for a close friend and photographer who had let me stay for free in his beachside home. Having a little escape from the icy grip of a frozen New York fall was nice because Malaga was a balmy 70 °F (21 °C) nearly every day, but for some reason I was finding myself pining for wool scarves and cozy thick sweaters.

Chloe Nude Photo Shoot in Gallery, Prague - by Dan Hostettler

It seemed like the universe was fulfilling my wishes when I got an email from Dan saying that he wanted to meet up soon for a shoot and to discuss ideas for the blog.
Rather than put off seeing him for a month or so, I checked my schedule and rashly decided that I would stop in Prague for a one day layover on my way back to New York. Some things just feel like they are meant to be and I have learned in life, you have to seize those moments.

So there I was, fresh from the sunny Mediterranean coast about to shoot in an art gallery…inside of a church in the heart of Prague. The Church of St. Rochus did initially seem like an odd choice for Dan to pick out, but knowing his flair for the dramatic, I had a feeling that it was going to be an inspiring place.

After only getting a little bit lost on the winding streets, I finally approached the towering monastery and weaved my through the corridors, awe struck by the magnificence of the place. I nearly stumbled into Dan as I was craning my neck around to take in the vastness of the Gothic church turned gallery.

Chloe Nude Photo Shoot in Gallery, Prague - by Dan Hostettler

“An odd choice, I know, but the light here is just amazing.” Dan smiled joyfully, clearly anticipating the shoot we were about to do. I too, smiled from ear to ear and couldn’t seem to pull my gaze away from the beautiful pieces of artwork which hung on the stark white walls. Being surrounded by paintings and drawings in such a gorgeous setting made me instantly feel alive and buzzing with emotions. I snapped out of my daydreaming and quickly prepared for the shoot.

I doubt a shoot has ever felt that effortless to me before. As I struck dramatic, artistic poses we worked fluidly and easily. Of course working with Dan felt easy because we share so many of the same philosophies on modelling but there was something extra special in the air. The muse and the artist, inside an ancient temple, immersed in art, really created a charged mood.

Chloe Nude Photo Shoot in Gallery, Prague - by Dan Hostettler

Things took on a surreal tone when halfway through our two and half hour session, we ended up shooting alongside an actual sculptor who was working in the gallery. I couldn’t help but giggle to myself a few times because I really felt as though I was in another world…another time.

The gallery certainly has that quality to it and I am so happy that Dan brought me to his city so I could experience the magic wonderment of The Miro Gallery and of Prague.

– Chloe

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