My New Life: Exciting New Chances

After giving up my life in Switzerland and relocating to Prague (CZ), I had to start over small.
The strategy I had was to rent a flat where I also could integrate my first local small studio.

I wasn’t keen to live in the suburbs near the beautiful city of Prague – I wanted to be in the center.
New life, new game. But like in every capitol I had to learn that rents are expensive. Even though they are much lower than in Zurich, for a photographer’s income they are still pretty high.

Modest Beginnings in Prague

I was fortunate enough to find a new home and studio near the main station and there I was:
make up & wardrobe preparation in the kitchen, studio in the main room (office, shooting space and living room combined – OK a big living room). Well, at least everything was in place to produce good photos in decent setups.

Kyla Cole the Star: Keep Your Nerve

After shooting and living there for almost 1.5 years, I had a job to produce Kyla Cole. Budget was small, responsibility huge. Now what to do? Rent a bigger (more professional looking) studio for this job or just go ahead and act as if everything is pretty normal? I decided to go for the latter.

The result: with Kyla being a god blessed natural open person, we had a great shoot, good fun, the client was happy – and I got amazing results. They were published in different print media and online.

So if you start out: don’t be afraid about how “professional” your place looks. You need good equipment, the right space for the results you want to achieve, charm, persuasiveness and quite some nerves of steel as well as the impertinence to simply go for and finish that job.

Kyla Cole - Bed - White - Topless - 1

The Bed, The Art & The Peacock’s Feather

Kyla Cole - Bed - White - Topless - 2Kyla Cole - Bed - White - Topless - 7
Kyla Cole - Bed - White - Topless - 6Kyla Cole - Art Shot - DDD
Kyla Cole - Peacock's Feather - Nude Shot - 8Kyla Cole - Peacock's Feather - Nude Shot - 7


  • Model: Kyla Cole
  • Make up & Hair: Kira
  • Assistant: Jan Prerovsky
  • Photographer: Dan Hostettler

Tech DNA

  • Lighting: Multiblitz Monolights (400/600 WS)
  • Noname speedlight
  • Manfrotto stands & grip
  • Nikon body & lenses
  • Pocket Wizard

Behind the Scenes