Sexy posing is all about the outer and inner beauty of your model. When she is posing, she is helping you to capture visible beauty and hidden seduction.

Nude posing is not all that easy. There is much more to it than just standing or lying down for the photos.

If you have a great pose, the viewer will love it. And that’s precisely why you should give it a lot of thought on how to achieve this.

Take this subject matter serious and come up with a plan for the poses you want your model to be in.

You have to work together with your model here.

Getting It Started – The Basics of Model Posing

Basic Photo Model Posing - Photo Poses

If you have someone experienced, the person will already know a great deal about naked posing. But not everybody is this lucky. If you get to work with a newbie, then it is best that you start with some basic poses.

Just make her stand and ask her to look down or away. She can change her body angle or move the arms and legs a bit. But no more than this! Because this easy session is like a warm up and makes your model feel confident.

There are certain other issues though which you will have to keep in mind. For instance, under all circumstances you must ensure that your model is feeling comfortable.

Taking an Individualized Approach

nude posing - Photo Poses

Nude posing is all about the outer and inner beauty of your subject. When she is posing, she is letting you capture this beauty on lens. Every model looks different, and so are their approaches. It is thus important that you have a different plan each time. Create a plan beforehand, but change it to suit the purpose better as you work with the subject.

Poses for Your Market

Every photographer has a target market in mind, and takes pictures according to this. This is very important. If your pictures are not tuned to the target audience, then you can be sure that they won’t be appreciated. This doesn’t help anybody. So understand your market, do some thinking on the kind of poses that may appeal to people in this market. Make a list, and you know what you should shoot.

Keep Your Eyes Open

sexy pose - Photo Poses

You will see that some of the best poses may come by surprise. Unplanned! These images are often the most appealing ones as well. That’s the fun of posing. These images look so good because people look normal in them. If she is trying her best to do a pose for you, then it will certainly look artificial, and it will come through in the picture you take.

Hands, Arms, Legs: Always Difficult

facial expressions - Photo Poses

Those who do not know how to pose, or have inadequate experience, will often keep the hands dangling awkwardly. This will come out poorly in the picture. You need a plan for this. Plan it in such a way so that the model can keep her hands somewhere while she is posing. In other words, you should make the hands a part of the pose itself. It is much the same for the arms and the legs as well. Let your model pose towards the main source of light. A lot of models tend to pose away from the lights, and this includes the experienced ones too.

Model Silhouettes Forms: C, S, and I Poses

It is not possible for anybody to memorize poses, and it is not recommended that you do so either in order to avoid repetitions. However, it helps if you know some basic poses.

C/S/I – not to be confused with the TV serials – is a unique program that was developed to teach camera posing to models. With time we have moved on from there. Now, these poses are considered old-fashioned, stiff and stilted. However, we are still following the basic idea of C/S/I.

How to pose - Photo Poses

It starts with diagrams of different poses. Draw a line through the shoulders and then another one across the hips. Now draw another line from the center of shoulder to the center of hip. This is your body line. The fourth line should be from the center of body to the foot. The last line is from the center of shoulder to the center of head.

These lines will make C, S, or I, and thus the name – CSI. Most poses you will find fall into one of these three categories. It tells you how to angle the hips, how to balance the weight and such others. If you follow this closely, you will be able to come up with better poses in mind.

Inspiration: Fluidity in Posing

(Youtube Video, copyright by Shantia Veney)

Final Thoughts

Remember one thing: There is no single rule that you must follow when you are capturing a nude pose on your camera. Yes, you should always have a plan to begin with. But you need to be flexible enough so that these plans can be changed to bring out the best in your nude model. You might have had a few poses in mind, but you’ll see where it is going.

Give your model some freedom when she is doing the photo pose. You may find that what you finally end up with is actually better than what you initially had planned. The fact is that a lot of the poses might come spontaneously. So be ready with your camera to capture them. There is no point in missing out on something that you might have to regret later. Of course, you have the liberty to reject these pictures later. But most of the time you won’t!

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