Get behind the scenes of a shoot that I have done at the end of a very long production day.
Actually, this set was the cover shot with sexy Melisa Mendini.

We totally nailed it in an amazingly free-flowing shoot that took us less than 10 minutes! The result looks most attractive.


This set is actually the cover shot with the stunning and sexy Melisa Mendini. You can find it on my latest book about lighting.

Now the cover-set was planned for the afternoon. Yet the previous shooting of my other series took longer than it was supposed to. So the cover was actually done in the last minute of that day.
Skipping my first plans, I decided to shoot this series in front of a painted, structured dark grey wall.
The setting was simple and so was the lighting design as well.

I went with just two flash heads; one with a mounted beauty dish, the other had a stripbox on it.

Melisa received a quick touch-up and I decided to go with a bright creamy net outfit as a lovely contrast to her tanned skin and against the dark wall.
When you take a look at the final result, you’ll see how wonderful this creation looks!

My beauty dish with a mounted grid functioned as key light. The grid narrowed the light beam perfectly and only lit up Melisa while creating a nice light fall-off around her. This helps to get a more dramatic and – how I like to call it here – “dark look”.
The model simply stands out.

The rim light from behind right helps to nicely separate the body from the background and creates an additional decent glowing atmosphere. Important is the attached fabric grid that directs the edgy light to Melisa’s right side only.

As mentioned before, this really is a quick and simple setup but in front of a dark background it produces a very atmospheric ambience.

Regarding posing: The original plan was to let Melisa mirror a Jenni Czech pose because both models were supposed to appear on my book’s cover. But my idea was not working out well because of its whacky concept.

So I quickly decided to simply let the posing flow and Melisa stroked various amazing poses.

Now we have a fully independent story and imagery that can be seamlessly combined with Jenni’s photograph on the cover.

In my opinion, the final result looks most attractive. We totally nailed it in an amazingly free-flowing shoot that took us less than 10 minutes!

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