Backlighting: Attractive, Artful & Simple Nudes

Flooded with light, timeless style, creation of appealing lines: Backlighting.

If you want to concentrate on the model’s curves – or rather her “Poses” – this easy to setup lighting scenario is perfect to get rid of any other disturbing visual elements.

It lets you fully concentrate on “the model’s dance”. And, as a nice side effect, it conveys an artful approach.

One Light Only

Remember the Bodyscape setup? There we just used 1 light to keep the surrounding area dark and only highlight the body’s curves. And once again we are in a situation where we only want to use 1 light.

But due to selecting a different light modifier (extra-large softbox) we receive the opposite result: All is flooded with light. With just 1 light but the use of 2 different modifiers and 2 varying lighting directions, we create 2 totally diverse stories – amazing, isn’t it?

Video Tutorial: Step-by-Step

The video demonstration is a segment taken from my live event “LIVE 1 – LIGHTING”. It provides you with step-by-step explanations about all cornerstones and necessary details to create such a look.

And here we go with the setup, focal length, gear settings, posing approach, and creative results. This all is pretty much self-explanatory. 🙂

Lighting Setup: Autolight (= Huge Softbox) As Key

Focal Length: Step Back, Zoom In

Posing: Try A Lot Of Variations

No XXL Softbox? No Problem!

As an alternative to using a large softbox (honestly, who has that?), you can place some inexpensive, white translucent shower curtains in the model’s background.
They create (almost) the same visual effect. Here is a lighting setup I did once in my home space with model Misha.

Lighting Gear & Specs Used For “Backlighting”

  • 1x Strobe 500Ws @280WS
  • 1x Softbox (Auto Light) 130x200cm/4’×6.5‘
  • 1x Disc Reflector 5-in-1

Camera Gear & Specs Used

  • 1x Full frame
  • 80-200mm focal length range
  • f/10
  • 1/200
  • ISO 125
  • 4850°K

Complete Tutorials About Lighting & Posing

LIVE Replay: ‘The Melisa Mendini Live Nude Photo Shoot’

8 Films. 123 Min Runtime. FullHD
Melisa Mendini Exclusive! Lighting, Posing, Concepts.
From Sexy To Candid. Starring famous, spicy & world renowned Czech glamNude Melisa Mendini, a class of her own.
This unique live shoot offers you insightful views and sexy entertainment! The shoots follow an all-embracing step-by-step instruction-path. Dan will explain everything regarding looks, lighting, how to pose and direct the model and – of course – how to create the perfect shoot.

LIVE Replay: ‘The World Of Posing’ – Starting Out, Glamour & Art Nude

12 Films. 128 Min Runtime. FullHD
Starring Czech Playmate Coxy Dominika & Canadian Art Nude Sensation Hanna.
From Posing Basics to Coaching Systems to Genres: always sexy. Different genres, different posing styles, different model types. All techniques and examples guarantee you immediate, meaningful and portfolio-proof imagery and the settings with Coxy Dominika and Hanna will let you replicate and adapt not only your ideas but also your shots right away.


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A traveler at heart, inspired by women, working along Swiss precision. Dan is a mediapreneur, photographer, author of several books and founder + Editor in Chief of Being a successful photographer for more than 15 years Dan got internationally published and featured on/in GQ Online, The India Times, FashionONE TV, FotoTV, GoodLight Mag, amongst many others. Dan is currently residing and working in Prague, CZ. Dan will talk about his projects, provide insights in shootings & concepts, produce webinars, create Academy content, explain styles, emphasize the importance of working with models and any other exciting topic he discovers along the way.

Did you ever use a similar setting? Post your images, questions and ideas.


  1. Nice tutorial. It must be great to be affiliated with a premiere model like Melissa.

    • Thanks for watching & commenting, Philmein.
      Yes it is great to works with experienced talents (always invest in talents, not gear). BTW: Everybody can work/shoot with Melisa. Just contact her (via Model Mayhem for example) and see if she’s in your region sometime.



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