As an amateur photographer the ability to shoot is often governed by the costs of location and the added costs of the model.

I have been very fortunate to be able to shoot in some stunning locations and the one where I shoot the stunning model Ayla was no exception.

Image Looks - Power  of Changing Mood & Proposition - by Willwj

The Queens Deco is an apartment in Lytham St Annes, UK ( ).

Demonstrating You The Power Of Image Looks

In this article I will give you just a brief insight about the shoot itself because actually it is all about varying the final results.

Working in a stunning location and capturing a terrific model is of course fantastic and the best starting position to get good images. But conceptually evolving them towards different moods and messages in post by applying various image look strategies is powerful!

Following I present you variations from the same series and my thoughts involved. Of course it is always a matter of taste and very closely related where the photos potentially could be displayed, but here I want to elaborate about some distinctly different basics.

Dramatic Location & Different Lighting Approach Than Usual

Model Ayla ( ) and I both wanted to add something slightly new to our portfolios but more importantly try a new source of lighting for me in that we choose to use a combination of natural light, interior lights as well an actual artificial LED light source in Dual Colour Lupo lights.

This shoot was the last for me from this location for me as I have shoot there before using the glass bath (and maybe those are for another time).

The location is dramatic but cluttered so the aim in a shoot is how to stop the image from looking busy and not taking anyway the viewers eye from the model, yet at the same time creating a sense of drama.

The results were hopefully pleasing. The aim of the images was to convey a sense of depth and space and yet still being constrained by the actual shooting area. Some of the images were taken from outside the main doors and utilising the Lupos from inside the bedroom door on the left of the image and from just behind the doorway of the right of the image behind the wall.

Image Looks - Power  of Changing Mood & Proposition - by Willwj - Model Ayla

Ayla is an accomplished model but with a great sense of fun and thus the images convey hopefully everything from an art nude form to having fun, relaxing and what I would call a gentleman’s club style image.

The editing is often the hardest process for me. Images in the UK are often very heavily edited just to please the market. Thus to achieve the most natural but “popular” look requires some thought.

These images were edited to attempt to convey different moods within the image by altering each one as opposed to altering the lighting or adding filters on camera.

What we saw at the end of the shoot (and indeed Ayla choose a different set to be edited for her which we both liked but we agreed to choose a number of images each) was some images that would look very different dependant on the enhancement out of camera.

We choose to edit in a number of ways.

Image Look Variation 1: Soft & Warm

Image Looks - Power of Changing Mood & Proposition - by Willwj

Colour Soft was intended to bring a warmth to the image with a sense of the natural look that we wanted to achieve. It was hoped that these would look as “naturally lit” as possible.

Image Looks - Power of Changing Mood & Proposition - by Willwj

The corridor images are a marked contrast to the relaxed feel on the bed. The images on the chair are a more “glamour” look showing Ayla’s sense of fun.

The outcome is we hope a set of images that show the true natural light of the apartment enhanced slightly with the Lupos.

The editing is carried out off site by Claire Fitzmaurice ( . In her own words: “I utilise different tools when retouching, I start with frequency separation and dodge and burn using the curves layers in order to clean up any small blemishes. When working with different colour tones I often use gradient maps and solid colour adjustment layers clipped to the shadows, midtones and highlights, this helps blend the image seamlessly and produces a nice subtle effect.”

The aim is always to create a look that appeals to both men and women and is thus inclusive. Claire works closely with myself and the model to ensure a look we are proud of.

Image Look Variation 2: Bold & Dramatic

Image Looks - Power of Changing Mood & Proposition - by Willwj

Colour Hard was intended to bring more drama to the scene.

Image Looks - Power of Changing Mood & Proposition - by Willwj

Especially in the nudes in the corridor it enhances the body and shape of the model and shows her body tone off well, while also adding hopefully a negative film look to the images.

Image Look Variation 3: Class & Allure

Image Looks - Power of Changing Mood & Proposition - by Willwj

Black and White was chosen to offset the colour images – for me black and white is my favourite genre though it doesn’t always work as a medium. Some images are just crying for colour. However the black and white here I believe change the mood which again was designed to change the mood completely and make the view sit back and look at the images in a different light.

Image Looks - Power of Changing Mood & Proposition - by Willwj

What kind of strategy for influencing mood and message are you using in your imagery? Please leave me a comment or question.

And thanks for reading!

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