“Q&A Talks” is your bi-monthly video talk where your questions get answered by sexy women pro photographer Dan Hostettler & Guests.

In every show Dan comprehensively responds to 4 – 6 questions. The show’s duration is about 20-30 minutes. The talks will be either along a prepared topic (we asked your questions for) or a complete freeflow session, addressing and debating your various matters.


Upcoming Talk

  • Topic: “Ask Me Anything”*
  • Questions: Send us your questions via the form below!
  • 19.00 GMT / 20.00 CET / 2PM EST / 6AM AEDT Sunday morning
  • Host: Dan Hostettler


  • * Pain points? Frustrations? Insecurities? For example: Model collaborations, private clients, rates, lighting, posing, organization, preparation, looks & styles, portfolio building, commercial aspects, crew issues and so forth. You get the intention, right?
  • * Just one note: This is not exactly a gear show. Dan will not pick and answer questions about specific camera/lens brand/model types. Cut out things like “what’s your opinion on Nikon D850 / Canon 5D Mk4 / Sony A7 II” – thank you! (You can use our forums for specific tech questions. )
    However (!), if your topic is in a more general range regarding focal length/lens choice, what type/built of strobe to use etc… – shoot ahead!

Open up, be vulnerable. And tell us what you’d like to improve upon…that’s the best way to grow. For all of us.

Be thoughtful. But never shy!

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