Nude Photography Tutorials

LIVE Replay: ‘Fashion-Inspired Nude Photography’

5 Films. 117 Min Runtime. FullHD
Starring Fashion/Art Nude Model Michaela.
We reveal a lot of tricks on how to get impactful, but VERY simply done fashion-inspired looks. “Simple” because none of us has access to super-expensive dresses, overwhelming sets, or an additional armada of stylists – but that’s not necessary anyway! It is all about how to fake a fashion feel, meaning how to play with the core components: light characteristics & lighting design, choosing simple but most effective wardrobe, working with some well-known postures and more.

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Tutorial: ‘Outdoor Nude Photography’ – Shoot On The Run

6 Films. 113 Min Runtime. FullHD
How to Shoot Lean, Quickly, And Effectively at Any Location. Starring: Taliah Campbell (AUS).
You, your model, any location and just one strobe – that’s all it takes. This video docutorial is showcasing six real-world outdoor photo shoots created in public spaces while coping with ever-changing weather conditions. Any outdoor location offers many opportunities and even more challenges. When the nudity aspect is thrown in, it makes it even more interesting…
Stephen Wong, an experienced Australian pro photographer has been Dan’s mentor along the ride.

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Tutorial: ‘Women Photography – Create, Enhance & Improve Your Images The Easy Way’

9 Films. 138 Min Runtime. HD
Photographing Women: Your Comprehensive Portfolio-Building Blueprint. Starring Melisa Mendini.
Evolve your photography. Explore new styles. Enhance your portfolio. For the first time ever, Dan presents a completely revealing overview of 7 characterized looks. Each of these looks gets meticulously stripped down inside of the following three main categories: “Classic”, “Soft” and “Bold”. Based on a variation of setups, this tutorial series helps you to find the best strategy to purposefully build your imagery.

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LIVE Replay: ‘Boudoir Photography & Beyond’

5 Films. 110 Min Runtime. FullHD
Starring Busty Czech Hottie Nikola.
Boudoir photography is the art of creating charming, sensual, and attractive images of women. Dan will work through variations of Boudoir settings, all shot in a private tight-spaced bedroom, using simple speedlights, the proper light former and some specific add-ons. You will be taking a tour through a series of shots all the way from dreamy romantic to fresh attractive to highly seductive.

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LIVE Replay: ‘Artistic Nude Photography’

5 Films. 105 Min Runtime. FullHD
2 Girls’ Glory: Evoke emotions! Starring Sisters Ivana & Suzzi
Voyeuristic Portraiture, Bodyscapes, Abstract Nude Art: Poetic, romantic, sizzling, sensual, dark, mystical, eccentric, strong, deep. Entering the genre of artistry asks for different posing, storytelling and image looks. This shoot is all about setting the scene with 2 beauties at once and Dan will be navigating you through 3 sets, 3 looks, 3 completely different results.

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Tutorial: ‘Playboy Glam & Artistic Nudes Photo Production’

7 Films. 133 Min Runtime. FullHD
Follow A Complete Production Process: Prep & Shoot. 5 Sets! Starring Czech Playmate Coxy Dominika.
Photo Shoot Blueprint: Get a detailed overview about all steps of a photo production process: Concept, Planning, Art Direction, Implementation, Full Tech Specs, Secrets & Results. Observe, feel and learn from this extremely detailed glam & artNUDE production by following Dan’s single steps. Consider this tutorial a glimpse into a private workshop from the comfort of your home.

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LIVE Replay: ‘Contemporary Allure: Portrait Nudes’

5 Films. 95 Min Runtime. FullHD
Tempting & Striking, Fresh & Free, B&W, Silky Glam. Starring Nici Dee.
“Create portrayal, do not just depict a scene!” Contemporary Allure is about designing different moods/stories/emotions by building emotive situations, just like the genre of portraiture is intended to do. Dan started shooting frisky portraiture as an additional business opportunity for doing privately commissioned work, meaning Dan is taking shots of ladies that actually pay him to do so. This photo shoot is meant to push you to start doing such a style of work yourself!

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LIVE Replay: ‘The World Of Posing’ – Starting Out, Glamour & Art Nude

12 Films. 128 Min Runtime. FullHD
Starring Czech Playmate Coxy Dominika & Canadian Art Nude Sensation Hanna.
From Posing Basics to Coaching Systems to Genres: always sexy. Different genres, different posing styles, different model types. All techniques and examples guarantee you immediate, meaningful and portfolio-proof imagery and the settings with Coxy Dominika and Hanna will let you replicate and adapt not only your ideas but also your shots right away.

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LIVE Replay: ‘The Melisa Mendini Live Nude Photo Shoot’

8 Films. 123 Min Runtime. FullHD
Melisa Mendini Exclusive! Lighting, Posing, Concepts.
From Sexy To Candid. Starring famous, spicy & world renowned Czech glamNude Melisa Mendini, a class of her own.
This unique live shoot offers you insightful views and sexy entertainment! The shoots follow an all-embracing step-by-step instruction-path. Dan will explain everything regarding looks, lighting, how to pose and direct the model and – of course – how to create the perfect shoot.

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