We have gathered a fantastic team. To push, communicate and network this community’s value we are looking for

    Producer + Relationship Enabler (Online)

  • Preface: We will curate a lot of meaningful and valuable 3rd party content. We want to showcase and present as many different facets of our photography genre as possible. We have already identified a long list of top-notch creators and influencers that we want to feature here on SWP.
  • Your job is to make first contact, introduce SWP and our intentions, establish ongoing communication and collect material that’s agreed upon between SWP strategy and contributor.
  • You will have the chance to get to know various industry professionals in person (well, email first).
  • Payment: Yes (small fee) + SWP benefits
    Social Media & Community Pusher (Inbound Marketer Online)

  • Mastering Instagram & Facebook Page as a separate marketing channel.
  • Promoting existing SWP content but also adding additional content that will circulate on the social channels only
  • You are very versed, highly creative in developing own ideas for CTA, actions, competitions and more
  • Seriously working on a daily basis (assuming 1 hour), ongoing.
  • Payment: Yes (small fee) + SWP benefits

Inputs, questions, suggestions? Mail us: vacancies@sexywomenphotography.com