Customer Testimonials

Reader Endorsements & Quotes. Thank you very much, folks!

“Apart from the teaching Dan does, sharing his personal knowledge and set up details, he’s a genuinely nice guy. My hard drive failed and although everything was backed up I lost some parts of Dan’s books.
I sent an email, more in hope than expectation, Dan had just set off for Australia. Within hours of him getting off the plane he sent the missing links.
That’s more than service. Many many thanks Dan.”
– Donald, UK
“Thank you for your posts!! I definitively learned something new.”
– Julio C., Spain
“The products I have purchased have been high quality, interesting and fairly priced.”
– David J., USA
“The quality of the products the ease of use across platforms makes for a great user experience “
– William W., UK
“I think your content and tips are excellent. A very good mix of technical and artistic advice.”
– Michael Q., USA
“I enjoy reading your weekly updates and find your look at things in this industry to be refreshing. I enjoy the products I have purchased and I have learned lots from them.”
– Lars N,. USA
“WOW!!! I love your glamour & nude photography & blog. I enjoy reading your posts it is great for me to learn. I love it and I like new weekly Saturday posts.”
– Harold, USA
“I feel that the 101 Nude photography course and blog are awesome. I do like the weekly email updates and also the other instructional books I have purchased from you.”
– Richard R., USA
“Good morning, I come to congratulate your work, this is very good taste and quality.”
– Mauro M., Brazil
“I find that you work and Blog are inspirational and fully of good advice and ideas. I have been following your Blog and the 101 Nude Photography course and I have really enjoyed both.”
– Garrett H., Ireland
“My favorite article so far is  “1-Light Setup  Fast Glam with Beauty Dish & Melisa Mendini” because you share everything, grid on, grid off,…Great! “
– Douglas E., Canada
“The 101 course is great, it gives one the understanding of what is expected when going to be a glamour photographer.”
– Hennie B., South Africa
“101 course is great as a start point… I love it! And your products are awesome… I love them!”
– Pieter B., Netherlands
“Leafing through all of the sections of this new book, it had left me quite speechless. The section I’d enjoyed most was the 3D imagery. Well done!” (DRAMA Lighting)
– Roy
“This tutorial is absolutely superb! An excellent opportunity to see how a professional photographer works in a real production.” (glamNudes: Anatomy of a Production Day)
– Jose, Portugal
“Dear Dan, Great article from contributor and your side piece was really informative. Looking forward to an interesting and productive year. Will be using the projection and gobo set ups in a shoot today, will see how well I manage to work the concepts. All the Best, for the New Year.”
– Gary, UK
“‘Anatomy of a Production Day’” is fantastic. While guides for lighting and posing are numerous, no one has put together a tutorial on what it takes to put together a day long photoshoot.”
– Jlrimages, USA
“Your 101 Nude Photography Course & Blog is really good and I read it every time I get a new email.”
– Mauri M., Finland
“Really like the 101 nude photography course & Blog. I have learned a lot from it, especially the lighting techniques.”
– Patrick S., USA
“The Course and Blog is very informative, interesting and enjoyable. Each week I’m looking forward to see what topic is been addressed in the weekly post.”
– Christo W.
“Thank you for your blog. I find yours extremely helpful. It is like having a manual of technical information in front of me.”
– Deryck C., South Africa
“I definitely must say, your publications are top notch to say the least!”
– Mike T.
“Dan you have hit this one out of the park!” (ESSENTIALS. Studio Lighting for Nude Photography)
– Jim M, USA
“Your new eBook “Studio Lighting for Nude Photography” is fantastic! The quality is SUPURB; everything from the images to the lighting diagrams are gorgeous. You have set the bar for what photography books should be.”
– James, USA
“I am not one to buy ebooks generally, however after seeing the table of contents and a few of the images I couldn’t resist the purchase. I am so impressed! Such an enjoyable and educational read!”
– Daniel A., Germany
“I have to say I am very impressed with your guides, you obviously spent a great amount of time on them, I have quite an extensive library of lighting books, your guides blow them out of the water.”
– Peter, USA
“It’s the best user guide for studio lighting setups that I have read so far, and I have purchased four or five others in recent years.” (DRAMA Lighting)
– John K., Canada
“Love your sample videos. Lots of great info. Info I never even thought about before, but I’m thinking about now. It’s always good to get new and fresh ideas.”
– Spencer J.
“I’ve learned a good deal from your Info and I have bought several things.”
– MrMarkin, USA
“I really enjoy this blog and am learning a great deal from it.  Thank you very much for bringing it to us free of charge. “
– Doug G.
“Thanks for your blog. I watched your videos and liked it a lot!”
– Frank K., Germany
“The 101 Nude Photography Course broke down many concepts into manageable and easy to understand segments. Each week I found myself eager to learn more!”
– Steven, South Africa
“The free 101 Course was incredible. Like others, I followed along weekly and saved everything for reference. My favorite aspect is the fact you are willing to share everything – no secrets – ‘this is how you do it and I’m going to show you how right now.’ I like the PDFs the most because they are so well done, your work shows. Another aspect worth mentioning is that you answer viewer’s questions completely, and honestly, regardless of topic…Your approach, material and sincerity is genuine.”
– Doug E., Canada
“I’ve bought all of your publications/tutorial. Quality is excellent and I like the attention to detail, all the images and illustrations, the descriptions (highly informative). It is just great!! I think the pricing is fair.”
– Christo W.
“I absolutely love your products, including the Nude Photography course and blog.”
– Alton K.
“The regular Blog+ updates keeps me inspired and your eBooks and video tutorials are truly world-class.”
– Steven, South Africa
“Nude 101 Course was very well done. I consider myself a pretty advanced amateur, but I still learn very things from time-to-time as well as delving into more advanced topics in photography.”
– David J., USA
“Well, I think your Blog is amazing. I love the tips, the hot and beautiful womens and the way you frame and iluminated them.”
– Pedro, Brazil
“Thank you for sharing your amazing work and how you achieve them. The Saturday blog post are wonderful and I look forward to getting them.”
– Andy W
“The weekly post is very informative and helpful, like your ebooks or other literature. It covers pretty much all interesting topics!”
– Tom L., Germany
“Thanks for the great course. I love reading and seeing different photographers points of view. I must admit your views definitely fit in with my thinking.”
– Terry O., South Africa
“Dan, you’re a amazing professional and photographer, but also very inspirational. I’m very happy that I got this tutorial and I will recommend to all my friends.” (glamNudes: Anatomy of a Production Day)
– Edward F.
“When I downloaded the “Anatomy of a Production Day” I was expecting something very good. It surpassed my expectations! It is superb! It is the best Dan’s tutorial!”
– Francisco E., Portugal
“Many many thanks, also for your fantastic lessons and ebooks, I’m a amateur photographer and nude photography is new for me but with your lessons and ebooks I have learn already very much.”
– Ronny D., Belgium