Recently I had the honor of participating in a Skype interview with the good folks of elixxier Software. Those are the hard working magicians behind the amazing studio light simulation tool set.a.light 3D.

We recorded two distinct versions of the talk: English and German and in both interviews I will give you my very own insights about: Effective Concept Development, Where I Draw Inspiration From, Why to Work With a MUHA, The Importance of Being Prepared, Why Simple Light is my Favorite Light, A Typical Shooting Schedule, Lighting Gear: Starter Tips, Troubles with Models, and more.

You see we had quite a few talking points. Have fun exploring and please leave me any questions in the comment section!

Dan in conversation with Lukas Sorge, PR & Social Media Manager elixxier Software


Dan im Gespräch mit Johannes Dauner, CEO elixxier Software


Production Insights: Small Selection From Various Shoots

1 - Photography Production Workflow - Behind The Scenes with Dan Hostettler Photography
2 - Photography Production Workflow - Behind The Scenes with Dan Hostettler Photography

A Few Concepts Based On My Keyword Approach

3 - Photography Production - Seductive Lines - Playmate Coxy Dominika - Dan Hostettler Photography
4 - Photography Production Workflow - Diva Spark - Home - Nici - Dan Hostettler Photography5 - Photography Production Workflow - Red Breeze - Home - Nikola - Dan Hostettler Photography 6 - Photography Production Workflow - Portrait Nudes - On Location - Suzzi7 - Photograp Production Workflow -Voyeuristic Portrayal -  Ivana & Suzzi - Dan Hostettler Photography8 - Photography Production Workflow -Silhouettes - Home - Nikola - Dan Hostettler Photography9 - Photography Production Workflow Vanity - On Location - Hanna - Dan Hostettler Photography

Read more about my concept development approach here: “MY “KEYWORD TOOL“ APPROACH (PART 1)”

Testing Light Modifiers Without A Studio (For Free)

Don’t lose valuable time and money with experiments regarding your lighting setups and mood designs in the studio. You can very comfortably create and try out almost every imaginable studio-light-setting with set.a.light 3D .

I can honestly present this software to you without any reservations as I am very convinced of its value and help for reaching better results in exchange for very little investment costs.

set.a.light 3D enables you to easily prepare your shooting and plan the smallest detail, even before you set foot in the studio – no matter where you are. All you need is a computer and ideas! Experimenting and implementing your ideas and visions spot on in each and every detail has never been easier!

Set A Light 3D - Plan, Test & Explore Your Next Shoot BEFORE Spending Money.

set.a.light 3D

set.a.light 3D Basic & STUDIO (Software)

set.a.light 3D STUDIO is the world's first photo studio simulation, with which you can build lighting setups in advance. It's the perfect photography studio simulator.

Prepare your shooting easily and plan the smallest detail, even before you enter the studio- all you need is a computer and ideas! Save a lot of time and money with experimenting & implementing your ideas & visions before you get on spot.

  • Company: elixxier Software GmbH, Germany
  • Medium: Software
  • Basic Version: € 39,90
  • Studio Version: € 139,90
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