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The platform (V.1) was established May 2016 (Est 2016 so to say) and just started growing piece by piece, month by month.

Growth & Benefits. Coming up in 2017 and ongoing:
  • Exclusive, actionable content related to DYI lighting, lighting setups, shooting organization, working with models, commercial aspects, getting published, retouching & post and more.
  • Adding more authors, industry professionals, experts, models POVs.
  • Own video library: Tuts, insights and documentaries by our syndicated authors/photographers.
  • Look over the shoulder: Periscope transmissions, webinars, live shows.
  • Discussion boards/forums.
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  • Get noticed in early bird treats and special promos.
  • Showcase your portfolio.
  • And more… (Our imagination is the limit. Your inputs are the fuel).


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