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feat. Czech Playmate Coxy Dominika – by Dan Hostettler

Behind The Scenes - The Anatomy of a Photo Production Day - EBO

Go Behind the Scenes with “The Anatomy of a Production Day”

Gain valuable insights and a full documentation of a real and typical production day of mine.

Even though a lot of tutorials out there are showing lighting setups or how certain looks, styles and moods are produced they are missing out on very important details! And I made it my mission to change this.

You get to see a full production day from A to Z! I reveal the production process from concept to planning to execution! Based on team effort, yet founded on my art direction, photography and production management.

It does not matter whether you are working in a larger or smaller scale – the process and the involved topics are always the same! Observe, feel and learn from this extremely detailed glam & artNUDE production by following my single steps.

Dan Hostettler, Olga Zavershinskaya Photography - The Anatomy of a Photo Production Day

Get Double Value: 2 Photographers – glamNUDE AND artNUDE!

I invited the Russian fine art nude photographer Olga Zavershinskaya to join me for the purpose of collaboration on this project. Her shooting style is pretty different compared to mine.

Olga is an internationally published and award-winning fine art nude photographer while I am a well-selling and published commercial sexy women shooter.

As you will discover, the differences are obvious in the outcome. We most definitely see things from very diverse points of view 😉

eBook Spreads Nude Photography - The Anatomy of a Photo Production Day

Dan s Insights - The Anatomy of a Photo Production Day

Essentials, Insights & Dan’s Methods

  • Pre-Production Process aspects fully revealed: Concept, Budget, Model Selection, Location Scouting, Look Meeting (Styles & Art Direction)
  • Photo Production Day: 5 Looks & Sets fully explained and revealed
  • Set “Seducing Lines” – Soft Glam
  • Set “Damn Sexy” – Alluring Expressions
  • Set “Romance Glam” – Revealing Colors
  • Set “Classic Attitude” – Intense Appearance
  • Set “Captive Accents” – Avantgarde Nudes
  • Concepts, Observation, Lighting Designs (3D Simulation & 2D Set Plans) & Results
  • 1-, 2-, 3-Light Setups (+ Modifiers)
  • Additional Topics:
  • Lighting Gear & Other Equipment
  • Light Modifiers & Accessories
  • Camera Gear & Lenses
  • Camera Settings
  • (No) Light Metering
  • White Balancing & Color Calibration
  • “Dragging the Shutter”: Candlelight Glamour
  • Working with Models: Communication, Building a Rapport, Directing, Poses & “Acting”
  • Implied Nude Shots
  • Make Up/Hair Planning & Progress
  • Concluding a Shoot: Contract & ID Shot
  • And more…

What you will get - The Anatomy of a Photo Production Day - EBO

What You will Get

eBook Specs

  • glamNUDES with Art Nude Influence
  • Dan Hostettler, Commercial Sexy Women Photographer
  • Olga Zavershinskaya, Art Nude Photographer
  • On-Location Indoor Shoot in Prague, Czech Republic
  • 240 Pages
  • Containing all Tech Specs & In-Depth Lighting Designs for Easy Info Access
  • Complete Planning Process
  • Imagery (Results) & Contact Sheets
  • “Behind the Scenes” Material
  • Checklists, Production Time-Table, About Mood Boards and additional topics covered

Dan Hostettler - Nude Photographer with Czech Playmate Coxy Dominika

About the Author: Dan Hostettler

Dan has been a professional Sexy Women Photographer for more than 15 years.

He is Swiss born and currently living and working in Prague (Czech Republic). Dan founded his flagship business, StudioPrague, which includes a dedicated production company that has received international recognition and offers private, high-end workshops. Dan has had the pleasure of photographing some of the world’s most beautiful female nude models and he always strives to capture that “bold sexy moment”, both in the studio and on location.

In this guide, Dan shares his extensive knowledge and insights in an easy-to-follow, visual and intuitive way. It will help you build a comprehensive foundation and understanding of a production process. It will also inspire you to train and create new lighting-, look- and concept ideas.

This Endorsement Makes me WOW! Thank you:)

“When I first got the book, I did so because I was curious how a photo production day was organized. I knew things were more involved than the simple 2-3 hour shoots I organized, but I didn’t know a lot of specifics. So I was curious, though I doubted that I’d ever actually use it.
Think again. I’ve been approached by a local business to shoot content for their website and for a calendar that they want to produce. It’s not yet a done deal – we’ve yet to discuss price. But knowing what I know from the video has already helped me think of a number of questions to ask as this moves forward. It’s also helped from a pricing standpoint – as knowing the logistics of the production day means I’m less likely to sell myself short. And should this thing move forward, I’ll have a grasp on organization that will let me be far more efficient than I ever would have without it.”
– Joe, Jlrimages – USA

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