Inspirational Visual Dramatic Lighting Blueprint

feat. Czech Playmate COxy Dominika – by Dan Hostettler

Photography Lighting - Simple Light - DRAMA - Lighting Cookbook by Dan Hostettler

This Visual Breakthrough Photo Lighting Guide Puts You First!

It is about time to deliver lighting guides that are contemporarily created with tools of the visual, digital age. I am providing you technical aspects and planning work in an extended visual form.

In today’s completely digitalized era you carry your guides and manuals with you on your mobile devices were they are always available for you, for example, during travel, on set and at a shoot.

Just textbooks alone – seldom equipped with enough significant images – are very unpractical in such situations, am I right? Therefore, this new kind of comprehensive visual guides comes in quite handy, you‘ll see!

Photo Lighting Techniques - Simple Light - DRAMA - Lighting Cookbook by Dan Hostettler

DRAMA. Accurate for Flattering a Women’s Shape?

In my vision, composing drama light does not mean to create dusky sceneries but rather working with well-chosen light areas and corresponding accents.

For this guide I have applied light settings in a way that fits the “fundament” of my vision and shooting concept “lustful drama”. It was the ideal visual layout for putting the individual accented image concepts with the model in the limelight. And the location – a castle as visual frame – turned out to be spot-on!

Expect sexy lascivious, dark shadows, round forms, red lips, an overly light-flooded scenario and sensual, seducing emotions!

3D Light Settings - Photography Lighting Schemes - Simple Light - DRAMA - Lighting Cookbook by Dan Hostettler

Time to Set a New Standard!

Every comprehensive lighting scheme is fully visualized in 3D. But 3D not only for the sake of the 3D trend!

This expanded illustration offers you visual simplicity, intelligibility and the freedom to follow your own beat. And all that without having to figure out the way light setting is meant by studying abstract layouts and pondering over them.

No strenuous “Read the Light”” attempt but rather a VISUAL exploration. After all, photography primarily is all about “photo”, isn’t it?

For easy replication in your studio I have included additional 2D plans noting all relevant key figures.

Table of Content - Photo Lighting - On Location Shoot - DRAMA - Lighting Cookbook by Dan Hostettler

Essentials – Insights – Secrets

  • The Castle Location: Welcome in Heaven’s “Hell”
  • 5 Different Lighting Scenarios
  • My Method: How I Prepare Myself
  • Lighting: Keep It Simple
  • Everything About Light Modifiers
  • Types of Light and Shadow
  • Three Important Aspects of Lighting: Color, Contrast & Direction
  • Structuring the Shape of Light: Light Modifier Comparison in 3D
  • Tech DNA: Gear Used for these Shoots
  • Everything Starts with One Light
  • Revealing my Flash Power Settings Used
  • Revealing Behind the Scenes Imagery
  • Photo Terms Glossary

Flash Lighting - Playboy Playmate - Simple Light - DRAMA - Lighting Cookbook by Dan Hostettler

What You will Get

  • Inspirational Visual Lighting Guide
  • High quality nude imagery; 5 different sets
  • Images with Czech Centerfold Playmate Coxy Dominika
  • Lighting setups for 1, 2 & 3 lights
  • All technical parameters used during the shoots
  • Comprehensive 3D lighting setups from different point of views
  • Detailed explanation on light directions, impacts on shadows, light interaction and location composition
  • Background story and conceptual light planning from every single scenario (set)
  • Deconstructing my light setup set by set, step-by-step
  • Ideas on creating emotions through lighting (storytelling)
  • 105 pages in total
  • Over 70 key visuals & descriptions in 3D
  • Over 30 behind the scenes & illustrative images
  • 36 tasteful nude images in 5 sets
  • 5 lighting plans (2D) for replicating situations in your studio
  • Instant PDF Download for immediate use on your PC, Mac, IProducts & Droids

Dan Hostettler - Nude Photographer with Czech Playmate Coxy Dominika

About the Author: Dan Hostettler

Dan has been a professional Sexy Women Photographer for more than 15 years.

Swiss born and currently living and working in Prague (Czech Republic), Dan founded his flagship, a dedicated production company, named StudioPrague which has received international recognition for nude photography productions and high end workshops. He has photographed some of the nude world’s most beautiful women and always strives to capture that ‘bold sexy moment’ both in studio and on location.

In this eBook Dan shares his extensive knowledge and vast experience in an easy-to-follow visual and intuitive way to help you fast-track your journey for capturing meaningful and seductive model photos.

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