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How To Use Hair To Portray Attractive Visual Stories

Hair is one of the main attractions a subject offers. From a practical, photographic standpoint, (long) hair is a fantastic “accessory” that endlessly helps you with storytelling, forming messages, and supporting moods. Learn how to use hair as a tool. Dan prepared for you his insights, recommendations and sample photos.

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Being Prepared – Retouching Quick Wins

This series of Mini Quick-Win Tutorials tackles individual issues that arise during a re-touch. It might appear to be long and involved but remember, we are also trying to demonstrate a range of techniques. You do not need to use all of them, but some may well save you a great deal of time and raise your images to the next level.

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The Look Maker – Aneta Lozkova, MUHA: Portrait

Sexiness is charm, enchantment, allure, and attraction. Before the implementation of a shoot, a look is comprised of make-up, hair style and outfit. And this is where my fabulous team member Aneta Lozkova comes into play.
Explore Aneta’s creativity and get to see the awesome imagery we’ve created…

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