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Low-Key Bodyscapes: 4 Video Tutorials

Michael Zelbel pushed the boundaries once more! He put together his strategy, blueprints and shooting situations in 4 free videos. This is real meat, real free value, meant to be absorbed and replicated by you – on a low cost level in your home!

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Flow Posing Hack: Memorize 30 Poses The Easy Way

Handling posing flow, directing the model/client and communicating with them is a part of my natural workflow and habit today. Though that was not always the case!
I had to learn all these aspects the hard way. Endless practice with a lot of failures…
Here I introduce you a way to get excellent and alluring results when relying on a practical, easy to understand system: the Flow Posing Hack.

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Michael Zelbel: The Busy Bee Enthusiast Photographer is Educating Us

Cousin Michael Zelbel is a German photography-enthusiast’s wonder. In real life a consultant, he’s also a photographer, author, editor and head of ideas for Smoking Strobes and the proud and successful publisher of Good Light! Magazine for over a year now.
After interviewing Cousin Michael on some very interesting aspects, I would like to introduce him and his projects to you so you can get to know him better.

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Simple Boudoir Lighting (Video)

Photography Tips for Your Boudoir Photo Shoot – Michael Zebel is a German professional people photographer. In this short tutorial he demonstrates how simply it is for you to setup your speedlights in order to achieve stunning results.

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