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Tag: personal note


Starting My Fitness Regime 2015 (Ongoing)

Back in June this year my scale showed me a shocking weight of 91.5 kg/202 lbs. Pure fat, so to say. I realized that my last chance to a better lifestyle required a radical change of course, so starting out with serious exercising was the only possible option I saw fit. Find all about “Why, How, When, Struggles, Benefits & What I’ve Learned” in my post.

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Sexy Women Photography. The Journey Continues!

This time Dan continues with his third personal insight in form of an interview.
As Glamour & Nude Photography is a “problem topic”, a no-go for social media, a no-go for gaining acceptance, a no-go for… pretty much everything… – he just continues his journey
with giving even more insights about his career and the oppositions he gets.
Dan never would go for any other job than the one of being a commercial nude photographer 🙂

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I am Addicted to Light. Luckily!

When the light hides in these winter months, there is no volume, no natural enhancement for the world and the darkness makes not only my personality shift, but my work as well. Light brings forth life—not just for plants but for me as well. For decades I have dreamt of moving south but have only ever managed to move in an eastward direction…

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