It’s quite a challenge to run an educational photography platform where a lot of the content is related to and shows off nudity. The challenge is not about creating content or maintaining the platform but to spread the word about our rich, comprehensive and unique knowledge out there.

SWP’s articles, tutorials, LIVE shows, archives and everything else are solely funded by the sales derived from our products and memberships. Furthermore, a lot of articles are created based on the hard, free work of our dedicated authors.

Recent Advertising Challenge

Due to the nature of our content, we can’t use any of the regular, effective online advertising opportunities like micro-targeting on Instagram, Facebook or the like. Google AdWords is also quite a no-go.

Who We Are Looking For – 1: Photographers

SWP offers an open approach and refined, automated technical platform for professional photographers/educators in our genres of photography (read “About SWP”).

We are reaching out to industry professionals across the globe in order to start discussions about potential strategic partnerships. Combining forces will help you, the photographer, and us (SWP) to reach a wider audience. A better revenue stream will improve our professional and valuable content plus will help us to develop other media formats. A prosperous business is the goal.

Who We Are Looking For – 2: Silent Partner

Do you have any affinity with our genre of photography or a fellow enthusiast shooter yourself?
Or are you adept in business development, connecting the dots? Do you have connections to the media industry in general or an interest in a private equity opportunity?

We are searching for serious people who are keen to help us with business development by means of their own contacts and knowledge, or who want to invest private equity in order to help scale SWP’s growth.

Interested in a first talk? No obligations attached. Please shoot an email to Dan Hostettler, EiC & Founder of SWP.

Or use our contact form.