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2017 Sexy Photo Weninar Series with Dan Hostettler

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About Creativity. Musing With Hanna, Canadian Art Nude Model

Model Hanna has been strongly impressing me from our very first contact all the way to this day. She will never ever stop stirring up my creative flow. During a photo shoot we had time to sit down and talk about Hanna’s take on creativity and how she gets influenced by emotion and information.

How I Shot Portrait Nudes With (Cheap) LEDs

After shooting with studio flashes, speedlights and available natural light, I decided to try a new lighting-gear-field: shooting with LEDs. ‘Portrait Nudes’ as a SWP-style concept, a genuine woman in front of the lens, and some spontaneous ideas on the set: That is all it takes to create alluring pieces of work for your aspiring portfolio. Shot with inexpensive lighting gear.

Models Turned Photographers

Probably you have noticed a phenomenon lately: “models turned photographers”. Large photography mainstream sites are pushing this topic to fuel the discussion about the state of photography. Is this news-worthy? Well, important enough for JimmyD to share his thoughts and insights about this topic.

Body Styling (Part 1) – Fashion Nude Photography

Nude body styling is applied to evoke a mood or promote a lifestyle; the techniques can be simple or complex, fanciful or moody. In this article, Part 1, we are demonstrating some fundamental concepts. Follow us through the progress of 4 different sets, get styling details, tips and some shooting specs.

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The Making of PIRELLI CALENDAR 2017 by Peter Lindbergh

INSIGHTS: "We don't do naked anymore so what is another kind of naked that is much more important than body parts? I think it is when you really show yourself the way you are. It is like a cry against the terror of perfection and youth..." - The most important fashion event in the year CALENDAR OF PIRELLI 2017 choose as a photographer Peter Lindbergh.

"Really beautiful! So refreshing to see like a fly-on-the-wall a rehearsal without the awareness to the camera running. This is worth so much more than many of the ‘polished’ training videos out there. - Alan"

“On A Budget”: Shoot Awesome Images with Speedlights Only

Explore "Creative Nudes On A Budget"

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  • Lighting Week with @jenni_czech - Set 4: 2-light setup. 2 shoot-through umbrellas + fill-in reflector. #studiolighting #studiophotography  #behindthescenes #sexymodel #shootbold @iso1200magazine #iso1200magazine
  • Lighting Week with @jenni_czech - Set 3: 1-light setup "Split Lighting". 90 degrees angle shoot-through umbrella + fill-in reflector
 #studiolighting #studiophotography #behindthescenes #sexymodel #shootbold #iso1200magazine @iso1200magazine

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