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Australia, Here I Come! Info About My Trip – Part 2

I Am Off! I am on my way to Australia! Selecting photo and video equipment for the interview series and shooting documentaries, I hit the jackpot with a whopping 40 kg of plain gear = No way!
I reselected, repacked, rethought, repurposed – and finally managed to skip 13 kg of tools. Take a look at the disclosure of my complete gear list for this trip.

Fashion Nude Styling and Photography Goes Retro!

Allen teamed up with the wonderful model Keira Grant and wardrobe stylist Caroline Langdon to explore a retro appearance from the 1920ies. The team created a convincingly authentic setting. Enjoy every bit of Allen’s meticulously implemented showcase, follow a very comprehensive analysis, and his personal insights.

Australia, Here I Come! Info About My Trip – Part 1

Australia is around the corner and my schedule Down Under is fully stuffed because I will produce tons of valuable insights and knowledge for you in Melbourne, Tasmania, Sydney, Canberra, and Brisbane! In today’s video I will talk more about my trip and you get my full travel schedule.

“Clothed With Darkness”: Lighting to Achieve Your Vision (Photo-Project)

My project “Clothed With Darkness” refers to a particular lighting approach that I am using across several shoots in order to tie a body of work together. I discuss how the images are going to be lit, explain my post processing approach that goes hand in hand with the lighting and in conclusion, I will provide you with crucial takeaways.

Latest Lighting Posts

The Marketa Belonoha Rose Shoot

Throwback episode featuring Marketa Belonoha and my bad lighting design and lessons learned. The action took place in 2006 and it was approximately the 5th glamNude shoot that I had ever done. Despite all the hurdles and not-so-thrilling glam outcome my team and I had a great time on set and it was worth the investment.

Working w. Models & Posing

Flow Posing Hack: Memorize 30 Poses The Easy Way

Handling posing flow, directing the model/client and communicating with them is a part of my natural workflow and habit today. Though that was not always the case! I had to learn all these aspects the hard way. Endless practice with a lot of failures… Here I introduce you a way to get excellent and alluring results when relying on a practical, easy to understand system: the Flow Posing Hack.

Dan In Australia

Australia. Weekly VLOG. Week #4

Week #4 VLOG - Sydney, Brisbane + Melbourne (again)! Interview with photographer Stephen Wong, following photographer Cam Attree during an Art Nude Shoot (+ interview), got an interview with Art Nude Model Sass Kia and sitting down and talk for almost 2 hours with one of my B&W shooter idols: Photographer Peter Coulson.

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The Making of PIRELLI CALENDAR 2017 by Peter Lindbergh

INSIGHTS: "We don't do naked anymore so what is another kind of naked that is much more important than body parts? I think it is when you really show yourself the way you are. It is like a cry against the terror of perfection and youth..." - The most important fashion event in the year CALENDAR OF PIRELLI 2017 choose as a photographer Peter Lindbergh.

"Really beautiful! So refreshing to see like a fly-on-the-wall a rehearsal without the awareness to the camera running. This is worth so much more than many of the ‘polished’ training videos out there. - Alan"

“On A Budget”: Shoot Awesome Images with Speedlights Only

Explore "Creative Nudes On A Budget"

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  • Lighting Week with @jenni_czech - Set 4: 2-light setup. 2 shoot-through umbrellas + fill-in reflector. #studiolighting #studiophotography  #behindthescenes #sexymodel #shootbold @iso1200magazine #iso1200magazine
  • Lighting Week with @jenni_czech - Set 3: 1-light setup "Split Lighting". 90 degrees angle shoot-through umbrella + fill-in reflector
 #studiolighting #studiophotography #behindthescenes #sexymodel #shootbold #iso1200magazine @iso1200magazine

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