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Sexy Women Photography 101 is a comprehensive and FREE 23-part email course for learning Glamour, Boudoir Artistic & Commercial Nude Photography.
Created by Dan Hostettler, Commercial Sexy Women Photographer and owner of StudioPrague, the place for your private photography workshops.

  • This email course delivers the background, knowledge, techniques and strategies you need to know when starting out nude photography.
  • Unlock 23 professionally mastered nude photography articles with tons of quality photos. Learn at your pace from the comfort of your home.
  • Learning from photographers with proven track records and years of experience will accelerate your skill level much faster.

Here is what you get 100% FREE

Here is what you get for free - Free 101 Nude Photography Course

Module 1: Styles & Genres

  1. Nude Photography: The Fine Line Between Art and Pornography
  2. Glamour Photography: A Genre You Can Earn Money With!
  3. The Evolution Of The Playboy Photo Style
  4. Boudoir Photography – The Secrets of Sensual Photos For Female Clients
  5. Various Nude Teen-Like Styles: Differences, Business Aspects, And Bluffs
  6. Fine Art Nudes. Classic Nudes. B&W Portraiture Nudes. The Artsy Side Of Nude Photography
  7. Exploring the Future of Nude Photography

Module 3: Mastering the Light

  1. Lighting Basics – Terms, Functions, Settings & Gear
  2. Basic Light Modifiers You Should Know About
  3. 7 Useful Facts to Know about Photography Lighting
  4. Light Your Subject: Various Indoor Techniques
  5. Gain Insight about Nude Outdoor Photography Lighting
  6. Mixed Lighting Challenge: Matching of Color Temperatures

Module 2: Getting You Started

  1. How To Shoot Nude Photos – 12 Essential Tips For Nude Photography Enthusiast
  2. How to Set Up a Photo Shoot – A Recipe for Nude Photoshoot Success
  3. On Location Photo Shoots – Prepare Your In-/Outdoor Adventure
  4. Outdoor On Location Nude Shoot – 6 Steps You Need For Being Prepared
  5. The Importance Of Photo Backgrounds

Module 4: Working with Models

  1. 3 Key Issues that Help You Working With Models
  2. Learn How You Can Plan Model Poses
  3. Decide What to Wear. Styling Is Important!
  4. Basics Of Makeup And Hair For Sexy Women Photography
  5. BONUS: Attractive Photo Composition Explained

Some 101 Participants Endorsements

“Thank you for your posts!! I definitively learned something new.”
– Julio C., Spain
“WOW!!! I love your glamour & nude photography & blog. I enjoy reading your posts it is great for me to learn. I love it.”
– Harold, USA
“The 101 course is great, it gives one the understanding of what is expected when going to be a glamour photographer.”
– Hennie B., South Africa
“101 course is great as a start point… I love it! And your products are awesome… I love them!”
– Pieter B., Netherlands
“Your 101 Nude Photography Course & Community is really good and I read it every time I get a new email.”
– Mauri M., Finland
“Really like the 101 nude photography course & Blog. I have learned a lot from it, especially the lighting techniques.”
– Patrick S., USA
“The Course and SWP is very informative, interesting and enjoyable. Each week I’m looking forward to see what topic is been addressed in the weekly post.”
– Christo W.
“The 101 Nude Photography Course broke down many concepts into manageable and easy to understand segments. Each week I found myself eager to learn more!”
– Steven, South Africa
“The free 101 Course was incredible. Like others, I followed along weekly and saved everything for reference. My favorite aspect is the fact you are willing to share everything – no secrets – ‘this is how you do it and I’m going to show you how right now.’ Another aspect worth mentioning is that you answer viewer’s questions completely, and honestly, regardless of topic…Your approach, material and sincerity is genuine. ”
– Doug E., Canada
“Nude 101 Course was very well done. I consider myself a pretty advanced amateur, but I still learn very things from time-to-time as well as delving into more advanced topics in photography.”
– David J., USA
“Thanks for the great course. I love reading and seeing different photographers points of view. I must admit your views definitely fit in with my thinking.”
– Terry O., South Africa

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