Starring famous, spicy & world renowned Czech glamNude Melisa Mendini, a class of her own. Melisa performed in over 2,000 shoots and here you get for the first time ever an exclusive educational gem!.

This unique live shoot offers you insightful views and sexy entertainment! The shoots follow an all-embracing step-by-step instruction-path. Dan will explain everything regarding looks, lighting, how to pose and direct the model and – of course – how to create the perfect shoot.

The shooting segments cover comprehensively different lighting setups: One Light: Lots of Options, 2 Lights & 1 Reflector, 3 Lights Working with Gels.

Spicy posing: Candid allure series the glamorous way from unblushing and straight to the point.

LIVE 1 - Melisa Mendini  Live Nude Photo Shoot - BTS Shots for Sales

You Will Get Essentials, Insights plus Dan’s Methods

  • Set 1A: “Simple! Beginner’s Warm-Up Lighting”
  • Set 1B: “Simple! Split Lighting”
  • Set 1B: “Simple! Back Lighting”
  • Set 2A: “Plain Beauty on White”
  • Set 2B: “Beauty with Glam Touch”
  • Set 3A: “Spicy! Bar Chair”
  • Set 3B: “Spicy! Bar Counter”
  • Concepts, Observation, Instructions & Results
  • 1-/2-/ 3-Light Setups (+ Modifiers)
  • Working with Gels
  • Mixed Lighting Situations
  • Gear Used
  • Q&A Segment with the Crew
  • And more…

LIVE 1 - Melisa Mendini  Live Nude Photo Shoot - Results Composition for Sales Page

  8 Films. 123 Min Runtime. FullHD.