Different genres, different posing styles, different model types. All techniques and examples guarantee you immediate, meaningful and portfolio-proof imagery and the settings with Coxy Dominika and Hanna will let you replicate and adapt not only your ideas but also your shots right away.

Dan will comprehensively cover how to direct a model the simple but effective way – creating sure-fire and attractive results. Applying distinct posing to different genres is crucial: You will get a comprehensive tour through shooting concepts for expressive portraiture, teasing glamNudes and classic art nudes.

  • Approaching the model, setting expectations, guidance, communication, putting her at ease, rapport and observations.
  • Shooting candid portraits first in order to get an idea about the subject’s charisma/expression.
  • Engaging, praising, encouraging, acting, shooting.
  • Hips, arms, legs, feet, shoulders, hands, wrists, face, mouth, lips, standing, gazing, sitting, kneeling, leaning, reclining, side back, teasing versus figurative…
  • Demonstration of easy to understand systems like figurative representation, flow posing, camera interplay, coaching actions, asymmetric quick wins and many more.

LIVE 2 - The World Of Posing - BTS Shots for Sales

You Will Get Essentials, Insights plus Dan’s Methods

  • GLAM SHOOTING SEGMENT: Portraiture, Teasing, Wall
  • ART NUDE SHOOTING SEGMENT: Portraiture, Figurative, Bodyscapes, Flow Posing
  • Coaching Actions, Replication, Setting Expectations
  • C/S/I Program, Emphasizing, Asymmetric Quick Wins
  • Special: Having A Set Game Plan!
  • 2 Models: Glamour & Art Nude
  • 1-/2-/ 3-Light Setups (+ Modifiers)
  • Gear Used & Camera Settings<
  • Q&A Segment with the Crew
  • And more…

LIVE 2 - The World Of Posing - Results Composition for Sales Page

  12 Films. 128 Min Runtime. FullHD.