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Peter Aikins

Peter Aikins

Peter Aikins is an Australian photographer, currently living in Sydney.

Peter loves portrait photography and his focus is glamour and headshot photography though he has been known to dabble with landscapes on occasion. An amateur with 6 years of experience shooting, he is eager to refine his skills by taking on new challenges.

In a series of articles, Peter will be passing on the knowledge, experience and competence he acquires from a series of first time shoots.

My First Time Pin-Up Photo Shoot

Peter has always been a big fan of the pin up style genre, particularly the 1940-50s work. The shoot took place in a studio and Peter was shooting with studio strobes on his own for the first time.
Get to observe all steps from concept to results imagery and the lessons learned.

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My First Bikini Photo Shoot Using Natural Light

To simplify things, I elected to shoot this using only the available light and without any light modifiers like reflectors and scrims. My choice of natural light was for two reasons: the first is that I don’t have any strobes; secondly, I did not want to be single handedly mucking about with the lights on a beach when I should be focusing on shooting.

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