There are a lot of easier options in the modeling world than perusing a career in nude modeling. In nude modeling, there isn’t a model agency to hold your hand and help you along the way. In this realm, you are your own boss, which is one of the reasons I choose to go into nude modeling. That, and the fact that nude modeling is something I just simply love doing.

The excitement of strutting around a set, completely exposed for the world to see is one of the most exhilarating sensations I have ever experienced. Watching a photographer’s jaw drop when you know how to pose just right. It’s similar to the high that rock star’s talk about when they perform in front a big crowd. When all the hard work pays off and you get to do what you love, there is no better feeling in the world.

Presentation is everything in nude modeling; learn how to put your model portfolio together to WOW photographers.

Coming into modeling, I thought there would be people to help me along. A mentor or agent of sorts. I was very wrong though; in freelance nude modeling you represent yourself. This self-marketing and representation is one of the most important things you’ll learn. You could be the most beautiful photogenic girl in the world, but if nobody sees you, what does it matter? This is where the importance of the model portfolio comes in. If you don’t have somebody to help you with your book, it can seem daunting. I want to help. I have a few years under my belt in the modeling world and want to share what I have learned.

Five Basic Tips for the New Nude Model:

1. Devil Is In The Details

Nude modeling isn’t for everyone…literally. Photographers are looking for a very specific kind of girl. Young, (18-25), beautiful, healthy women are the most sought after. Not saying there aren’t jobs available for all types, but young, pretty woman are in the most demand.

It’s not just about genetics either. You can have a gorgeous face but you must have a well-put together package. Being fit is vital. Not skin and bones thin, but healthy and toned.

Don’t under estimate the little details either. Photographers DO notice. Pay attention to things like, your fingernails, split ends, and keeping your skin blemish free. I had a photographer get pretty annoyed when I was first working because I had a stamp from a concert I went to still on my wrist. It’s all about the little things. Sometimes when I feel lazy and don’t want to work out or tweeze my eyebrows I think about it like this:

If I was selling BMW’s, I would wash and wax them everyday. Even if the car is top of the line, nobody is going to want to buy it all dusty and grimy. Presentation is EVERYTHING.

2. The Importance of the Book

In this industry, your nude model portfolio is what gets you jobs, period. That said, you’re going to want to invest a lot of time into it. Remember, you may have a shining personality but your portfolio is going to go in the door before you do. Translating your talent and personality into your portfolio will give you an edge.

You are only as good as your worst photo, so make absolutely sure that every picture in your portfolio is you at your best. It is the one bad picture that a photographer will remember, not the one good one. Be extremely picky when choosing. When I was putting my book together, I graded all of my pictures, A, B, C & D. I set all the C’s & D’s aside and then went through only A’s and B’s. You’re looking to have a book with anywhere from six to twelve photos. When you’re newer, it’s better to have a smaller book but only filled with WOW photographs. It can only take one quality picture to get you the job.

3. Show YOU in Your Photos

Photographers aren’t looking for a run of the mill girl. There are plenty of girls who can do sexy poses, but are just boring otherwise. Photographers want to be taken-a-back. Be bold and put something distinctive in your model portfolio. I have a picture in my book that is every photographer’s favorite. It isn’t a typical glamour or nude photo. I’m wearing a holey old t-shirt and nothing else but a giant smile. It’s different, and it shows my personality. Another example of a unique photo is this is the black and white. Black and whites are artistic and still hugely popular. Don’t be scared-be different. As long as it’s a stunning photo, don’t hide it away.

You don’t always have to be nude in your nude modeling portfolio. There will be plenty of shoots where you are in lingerie or a bikini, so you want to represent that in your book. In addition, this is a great chance to show off your personality.

When you are shooting your first pictures for your book, talk to your photographer. Explain what your goals are with each shoot. Give them insight as to who you are and they will be able to help you express that through your photographs.

4. The Digital World

The internet is a freelance model’s best friend. Putting your modeling portfolio online is essential to getting work. It opens up opportunities that normally you wouldn’t be able to take advantage of. The web is so incorporated into our lives now that making you’re digital portfolio is as good as your printed one is imperative.

There are great websites out there that you can put your portfolio up on. Normally these websites are free or you can pay a small fee to have a more advanced model portfolio.

Be wary though: having your image floating around on the web sets you up for unexpected situations. Thankfully, I haven’t had this happen to me first hand, but have seen a few girls learn this lesson the hard way. Men can pretend to be photographers or agents wanting to work with you. When meeting up with anybody you connect with online, do your research and make sure it’s not a con.

5. The Total Package

The most important thing to becoming a nude model is not about your hair, or your book, or anything like that. It’s really about passion. This isn’t something you can fake: either a girl has it or she doesn’t. You can see it in the way a model poses, in her photos, and you can tell by her work ethic.

It seems glamorous and fun when you look at glamour or nude modeling from the outside. I have witnessed a lot of girls try modeling out and then the second it gets hard they quit. In order to succeed you will have to be motivated and driven. This is what will set you aside from other girls.

People will want to work with you when you have the total package. They will be able to see it in your stunning model portfolio and in your desire to model.

When I saw my first set of exceptional photos I was so proud. Me, the once reserved, quiet girl was able to be this fierce, sexy woman. It got even better too. I was able to show those pictures to photographers and receive job offers because of them. Then I knew I was in love with this job.

When you truly love what you do, it’s not hard to do your best.