Safety shots are the photos with implied nudity. Keep in mind that you can’t just use and publish completely nude pictures anywhere.

For instance, you might want to promote your services through your Facebook page. Of course, you can’t upload nude pictures to your Facebook timeline.

The same goes for most real magazine covers. You never know if you will sell a series later so you definitely need to have this type of shots in your archive.

Implied Nudes - Iveta - Shooting None-Nude SexyImplied Nudes - Vicka Starr - Alluring Nude Photography

And it’s also good for the model: if she wants to put your photographs into her online portfolio, she probably prefers a non-nude image too.

So – shoot some implied nudes to be on the safe side and don’t show those nipples and pubic hairs. Let your model cover them up with hands, arms, hats, scarfs, curtains or anything else that supports your story.

Implied Nudes - Jenni Czech - Attractive Nude Model

Shoot Non-Nudes When She’s Naked

When shooting glamNudes, we usually get the model started wearing a certain type of outfit and then slowly work our way to nudity.

Now, when the model is still wearing some sort of clothes (even if it is just the tiniest piece of fabric), that’s not considered to be an implied nude safety shot. It’s simply a sexy shot, probably in lingerie, bikini or anything else. Therefore, it does not provide you with that alluring visual expression you might need in order to tease your audience.

Implied Nudes - Vicka Starr - Sexy Nude PhotographyImplied Nudes - Playmate Coxy Dominika - Shooting None-Nude GlamourImplied Nudes - Playmate Coxy Dominika - Glamour Photography

Implied Nudes - Kyla Cole - Shooting None-Nude PhotographyImplied Nudes - Jenni Czech - Shooting None-Nude SexyImplied Nudes - Jenni Czech - Non-Nude Photograph

Take your desired shots at the very end – or during the full nude part – of your set. Let your model cover-up the respective bits.
Of course you can bring back the bra to play around with – meaning, she’s not wearing it the casual way.

In my early days, I really had to get used to this. When I was performing my first few nude shots, I was quite nervous. Needless to say, I forgot to shoot the implied ones. Put this task somewhere on a sticky note or into your production table so you won’t make the same mistake.

You will be very happy having these shots later on…

Implied Nudes - Playmate Coxy Dominika - Shooting None-Nude Sexy

More Insights: Photo Shoot Production Blueprint

Finalizing the paper work, doing the ID shot, paying the model…that’s just a small part of a full-fledged photo production (yet a very important one). But there’s so much more.
Go behind-the-scenes and explore in a most comprehensive way how a photo production is set up and executed. This code of practice applies to any scale of a shoot.

In my guide you also find my tailored model release and many other helpful checklists.

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