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About Creativity. Musing With Hanna, Canadian Art Nude Model


Hanna has been strongly impressing me from our very first contact all the way to this day. Each time we meet and create, each time I quietly work on my own with material containing her persona. And I wildly guess that she will never ever stop stirring up my creative flow.

I have worked quite a bit with Hanna on several projects over the last four years. From personal, aspiring work to commercially educational assignments. So this short excurse is about my deepest appreciation of her intelligence, way of being, inner beauty and calm dominance. And, of course, her irresistible look.

Personal Work - Creativity, Art Nude Model Hanna Video Interview - B&W Nudes by Dan Hostettler

Muses: The Economics Of Creative Emotions

“Hanna?”, you ask. Hanna is a Canadian model, partially living in Portugal and traveling the world. Hanna is the only foreign model that I strive to work with as often as possible (= budgetwise). I call Hanna one of my muses.

I generally stick to my very lovely and perfectly qualified Czech (and East) models because they are very talented as well as impressive in every aspect – and also very affordable. I am happy to say that two of them are my local muses (remember Suzzi?). While the usage of the term “muse” might sound a tad bit strange, it’s actually a beautiful thing to have to keep growing your creative world.

Now, there is no reason to spend more money than necessary on any photo shoot (economically speaking). But I guess men are men and we try to make tempting things happen if we can get them done in a reasonable way. And artistic men are possibly even worse. Be aware, 2 clarifications needed:

  • By “tempting” I mean to fall for the bracing creative feel; the inspiration that hits you when getting together with that special person. Don’t fool yourself, this is in most cases a one-way street! You get struck. And she will feel special about sparking this fire in you. Win-win.
  • “Reasonable”: As for me, a reasonable solution is when I am able to cover the costs for all the expenses that will occur such as, for example, having Hanna flying in for a shoot. Airfares, accommodation costs, model fees, other expenses. This heavily adds up and must be economically justified in some ways.

In the past, I was lucky enough to set up some specific projects that laid the economical foundation which allowed me to invite and create with Hanna. We also worked together on educational projects like “Creative Nudes On A Budget“, “Mastering B&W Nudes Today” and “LIVE 2 – The World of Posing“.

Commercial Work - Creativity, Art Nude Model Hanna Video Interview - Nudes by Dan Hostettler

No Hanna In 2017. But An Interview (As Quantum Of Solace)

It is late spring here in Prague, all production plans for this year have been made and the shooting actions are settled, but Hanna is nowhere to be found on any of these schedules.

I certainly can’t complain about creative boosts coming up very soon (Webinar “Contemporary Allure“). I’ve even managed to line up some shoots with two of my local muses! But since I will miss out on Hanna this year, I thought we could all enjoy the next best thing I have in stock: A short interview conducted with her last year during the production of “Creative Nudes On A Budget“. We talked about Hanna’s take on creativity and how she gets influenced by emotion and information.

Let’s raise the curtains for some production inspiration and personal insights:

My Educational Training with Hanna:

Creative Nude Photography On A Budget by Dan Hostettler

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Tutorial “Posing with Hanna & Dominika”

LIVE Replay: ‘The World Of Posing’ – Starting Out, Glamour & Art Nude

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I’ve always enjoyed these model interviews, and this one with Hanna is no different. I just wish that she’d tour the east coast of the US so I could shoot with her!