Preparation & Outline

My schedule Down Under is fully stuffed because I will produce tons of valuable insights and knowledge for you!

I will meet various local photographers for the purpose of gathering video interviews and capturing behind the scenes action. Further, I will attend and document an Outdoor Art Nude Workshop in Tasmania as well as some other surprises and meet-ups that are set up along the way.

Tutorial Production in Sydney

In the Sydney Area I will create two outdoor tutorials, together with Stephen Wong . Stephen is an emerging local photographer shooting art nudes.

These events, their planning, and the actual organization on site are only possible because of Stephen’s great support. Stephen is a Sydneysider and knows the local trades very well. Therefore, we will create these tutorials in a joint effort.

Locations will be in the bush and by the sea . The approached style is art nude and lighting aspects will be natural light/sun light combined with strobes, and a night shooting sequence including various elements like water, rocks, trees and more.

Sydney: Your help Is needed!

For the tutorial shoots in Sydney, we could use some help – most of all for the intended shooting of additional behind the scenes material in form of video and photo.

The production time frame will be sometime between March 8th and 14th – if you are interested in supporting us, just send me an email

My Australia Travel Schedule

Although my schedule is jam-packed, I am sure I will have some spare time to do shorter meet-up gatherings in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.

I have created an online time table where you can see my travel stations and dates. Said schedule is embedded below and will be continuously updated.

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