Stana worked for all of the big names in the art nude photography world: Guido Argentini, Andreas H. Bitesnich, Tono Stano, Amadeo M. Turello, Richard Warren, to just name a few. Plus she appeared as a sexy teasing Czech Playmate, too.

Yet her name and person remained unknown to most of us which is the typical “fate” of many highly accomplished classical art nude models. We all know their bodies but can’t remember their names and faces…

A Glimpse Into The Discreet World Of Art Nude Creation

I took up the challenge to delve deeper into the more discreet working spheres of this genre.

I got the opportunity to sit down with Stana and winkle out insights about the art nude modeling world, her take and her career.

Before this interview actually took place, I had the fabulous opportunity to produce a neat studio shooting session with Stana and scent the air of the art nude photography creation principles. During this time, Stana told me that “one can plan the lighting, but not the posing”…

I remembered this statement and we are going to elaborate on this in the interview.

Specifics For A Successful Art Nude Creation

Further specific questions and topics we were discussing are:

  • Art Nude posing has a different approach to glam work. The distinction.
  • Photographers: Find what to tell/express to the world!
  • Creating Art: Even if a photographer has prepared strong ideas, the results are originated by coincidence most of the time. This is what we call CREATING!
  • Do not show the pose, show the art (muscels, skin, movements, statuesque postures).
  • Accentuate your light! Allow more shadows.
  • When working with a photographer over a longer period, it strengthens the trust and images will get better, the work evolves. A model becomes more open to experiments.
  • Photographers should study the history of photography and old masters (like Stieglitz, Marc de Burgweid etc., imagery from the 30s/40s, sculptors like Michelangelo).
  • I asked Stana to bring 3 of her modeling images and explain her interpretation to us.

Stana. An Artful Creature Herself

She is smart, knows her genre, knows history (a lot of it), preaches to “explore our lives and the world with open eyes”, shows humble gratitude, and always believes that good things will happen.

She always has a plan! But at the same time, she is open-hearted and flexible enough to change course if need be. The last change she successfully carried out was to finish her studies, get a regular job and be happily married.

She now has stopped modeling in order to fully concentrate on conveying art as a teacher.
It’s a bitter loss for the art photography world but an awesome step forward for her. We are truly happy!

Stana, smart-art Goddess, thank you for all the images and art you gifted to the world.

Stana’s Portfolio – Selected Images

The photos were provided by the model. The copyright remains with the respective photographer.
Art Nude Model Stana - Imagery
Art Nude Model Stana - ImageryArt Nude Model Stana - Imagery

Art Nude Model Stana - ImageryArt Nude Model Stana - Imagery

Art Nude Model Stana - Imagery

Art Nude Model Stana - ImageryArt Nude Model Stana - Imagery

Just A Bit Of Fun…:)

Stana & Dan Hostettler after the interview