The Magic Hour – Simulating last Rays of Sun

This image was also created during a beautiful photo session in South France. Created with a bit more advanced lighting setup Melissa just looks yummy!

The aim was to simulate the last rays of the sun with setting up a golden reflector for implied lighting. Candles already lighten up the room before nightfall.

My Shooting Setup

  • Obviously the main light gives the warmth to the scene and keeps in the gold and blue tones of the bed.
  • The second light is placed as far as possible from the bed, to get a circle of light big enough to reach the model, but not as big as to light up all the scene.
  • The low power from the fill-in helps just to wash out heavy shadows given from the main light.

Flash Lighting – Bounced Flash over Reflector & Snoot as fill-in

Indoor Lighting Setup: Simulating Last Sunbeams with Bounced Flash Lighting - "The Golden Hour" by Olivier De Rycke"The Golden Hour" by Olivier De Rycke - Photography Lighting for You: Bounced Flash Lighting

Tech Sheet

  • Key light: Monobloc (flash head) bouncing over a golden disc reflector
  • Fill in: Monobloc (flash head) with a snoot (spot)
  • White Balance: 4500K
  • Camera: Canon 5D
  • Lens: 24-105mm, f/4
  • Focal length: 47mm
  • F-stop: 7.1
  • Shutter: 1/30
  • ISO: 160

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