Summer Sunlight, a Shadowy Room and a Little Help

This image was created during a beautiful photo session in South France. It was summertime, the sunlight was hot and the bedroom location discreetly lit.

The model and I enjoyed the atmosphere. And the result – created in a very simple lighting setup – is just flattering!

My Shooting Setup

  • I stand in front of the model, just a step inside the room.
  • The big door and window are completely opened.
  • The distance between the bed and the door is short, maybe just one or two meters.
  • The door is as large as the width of the bed.
  • We are at noon, the bright sun shines strong. But the room itself is in the shadow.
  • This is why I used my cobra flash directed toward the ceiling (bouncing via the ceiling) just to give some light to the white walls, specially behind the model.
  • The model’s face is actually lit up by the sunshine from outside.
  • The door and window acts like a huge softbox, this is why there are no shadows on her face = the light is soft.

Combined Photo Lighting – Sun & Bounced Flash

Indoor Lighting Setup: Sunlight and Bounced Flash - "Like a Princess" by Olivier De Rycke"Like a Princess" by Olivier De Rycke - Photography Lighting for You: Sunlight and Bounced Flash

Tech Sheet

  • Key light: Sun shining through the open door and window
  • Fill in: Cobra Flash, bouncing via the ceiling
  • White Balance: 5600K
  • Camera: Canon 5D
  • Focal length: 50mm
  • F-stop: 1.8
  • Shutter: 1/125
  • ISO: 160