This light-design is a very convenient one because me and my model’s area for movements (posing, angles, axes) is wide.

I will go here for a clean white lighting in general while also creating a subtle side light with the key light and a reflector bounce.

Melisa Mendini - Glamour & Nude Photography - by Dan Hostettler
Melisa Mendini Nude by Dan HostettlerMelisa Mendini - Nude Photography - by Dan Hostettler

What’s It For?

Because I evenly light the entire model, the design is ideal for clean nude art or editorial glamour shots (in a soft way; also referred to “Today’s European Glamour“).

By directing the key to come at my model a bit from the side and just catching her with the edge of the fall-off, it gets the characteristic of an art, portrait or beauty setup. With a smaller modifier for the key light – for example a beauty dish – it would become a fashion flair nude or commercial glamour setup (with harder shadow edges).

These simple and very versatile settings are great as I can get a wide range of results in a limited time frame. The different outcome is just based on what modifiers I decide to use for my key light.

The Setup

I use my two 2.5×4’ (80x120cm) softboxes, this time in vertical positions, pointing them towards the white paper-backdrop so that it is evenly lit. I set both flashes to full power and adjust my aperture (f-stop) until the white is just clipping – blinking on the LCD.
The background is now well defined; in other words: It’s just blown out :).

The key light is equipped with a Ø4’ (Ø120cm) octabox (for round shaped catchlights), placed from about 8 feet (2.5m) off the ground creating a broad, beautiful, soft lighting that still adds dimensionality and directionality to it.

3D Photo Light Set - Portray Your Nudes
3 Point Lighting in Photo Studio - Portray Your Nudes3D Simulation Studio Photography Light Setup - Portray Your Nudes
Studio Photo Light Design - Portray Your Nudes


  • 3x 400 Ws Monoblocs
  • Key light: Octabox Ø 120cm/4’, powered around 180 Ws
  • Background lights: 2x Softbox 80x120cm/2.5×4’, powered around 400 Ws

2D Light Scheme & Studio Light Plan - Portray Your Nudes

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