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(We will broadcast from Brisbane, AUS)

  • The photo shoot will be recorded. A streaming replay will be exclusively available for subscribers!

Artistic Nudes Photography - Mastering 1-Light - Creative Concepts, Impactful Photo Results

Amy Heather Art Nude Model & Singer

What You Will Get

  • Shaping The Human Form & Expressions with Just ONE LIGHT
  • Genres of Artistic Nudes & Nude Portraiture
  • Simplified Tech. Impactful Results.
  • Learn to Compose Creative, Impactful Imagery for a Broad Range of Use
  • Nuts & Bolts in form of Actionable Advice
  • Building the Shoot: Easy to Follow Step-by-Step Guidance
  • 3 Extensive Showcases using Lighting Hacks & Different Concepts for Distinct Imagery
  • Internationally Published Art Nude Model Amy Heather
  • 2 Photographers on Set: Dan Hostettler & Cam Attree
  • SAVE TIME! Fast-Track Learning. To-The-Point. Quick Wins. NO endless shows, NO waste of time.
  • Webinar Duration: ca. 100 minutes